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Steve Jackson's Appearances

Want to meet Steve? Here's a list of conventions he's attending, as well as other events where you can find him and say hello.

Our other staff members make appearances, too – click here for a complete list.

February 22-24, 2019
Roanoke, VA

I plan to visit the railroad museum and play Car Wars. Not at the same time. There will also be a brand-new game making its debut. More info soon.

March 7-11, 2019
Lake Geneva, WI

I have never made it to Gary Con. After this March, that omission will be corrected. I also expect to have advance copies of TFT to show off.

April 6-7, 2019
Austin, TX

Our own convention in Austin! This will be a small event, maybe as small as 200 people, so save the dates and stay tuned. We'll do Ogre, Car Wars, Fantasy Trip, Munchkin of course, and no doubt other things.

May 31-June 2, 2019
Chattanooga, TN

One of the few cons that I still go to just for the fun of it. Though OF COURSE I will be running some games and playing some others. If you are interested, register now, because they sell out long in advance of the date. EDIT: Whoops, too late, they are sold out now.

June 12-15, 2019
Schaumburg, IL

After missing two years in a row, I get to go back to Brickworld! It will be good to see old friends, goggle at the work of Lego builders beside whom I am a mere speck on the windshield, and generally have a great time. Guy Himber and I will run the Charity Munchkin Game. Saturday night I'll take off for Columbus, to make the last day of Origins.

June 16, 2019
Columbus, OH

Origins went very well for us in 2018 and we plan to return! I will probably only be there for the last day. But among other things, I've got a TFT game to run Sunday afternoon.

August 1-4, 2019
Indianapolis, IN

All I can say right now is that Gen Con is on my list for 2019! I'll be running at least one multiplayer Ogre game, and probably doing some other stuff, but also wandering around having fun.

August 15-19, 2019

I will have the great privilege of being one of the Guests of Honour at the 77th World Science Fiction Convention, to be held in Dublin, Ireland.

The other GoHs e Bill and Mary Burns, Diane Duane, Ginjer Buchanan, Ian McDonald, and Jocelyn Bell Burnell.

This is the first time that a Worldcon has selected a game designer as a GoH, and I am both humbled and excited!

Trip Reports
November 9-11, 2018
Madison, WI

I had a very good time at Gamehole Con a few years ago, so I went back. Partly to run an event or three (Triplanetary, Melee, Car Wars), and partly to get in some gaming!

All my events went well, with enthusiastic players. I got to meet a lot of people, and I got to run through the True Dungeon. I even survived, though Phil, alas, fell heroically in the last encounter. He was rolling dice to the last . . . And I played some new-to-me games. Hansa Teutonica impressed me. I'll have to try that one again.

Gamehole has grown hugely. It's now up to 4,000 paid attendees. That's what they get for running a tightly organized but fun event. I hope to go back again!

June 29-July 1, 2018
Chattanooga, TN

Fun was had! I did playtest/demos of The Fantasy Trip and Car Wars, and I spent time in the game room just playing games, including Conspiracy Theory and Super Kitty Bug Slap, both of which were playtested at LibertyCon last year. Full circle!

High points included Chuck Gannon's Toastmaster introduction, David Weber's reading, and getting to have dinner with, among others, Bill Fawcett, Jody Lynn Nye, and John Picacio.

As always, LC was a relaxed, fun, family affair, and I plan to go back next year.

June 13-17, 2018
Origins 2018
Columbus, OH

Origins was fun. We had our own room and a large crew. I got to do a lot of stuff:

• A big (10 players!) game of Triplanetary. (No, it's not quite available yet, but you CAN pre-order it.)

• Demonstrations of Melee from The Fantasy Trip.

• A "me against the world" Ogre event, where I played on ten boards at once. Won 8, lost two. One of those was close. In the other one, I was completely schooled. It was all fun.

We also had lots of learn-to-play and draft events for the Munchkin CCG. Phil and I walked the hall and saw everybody's new releases. I got to catch up with some old friends. It was good.

August 17-20, 2017
Indianapolis, IN

I was at all four days of Gen Con this year. Very, very good convention, fun and busy. They sold out before the doors opened and the halls were full (but not impassable). I really have no criticisms at all. Everything was excellent.

We ran the Munchkin Tavern again, and I did a signing there on Saturday night. The Tavern went very well – the only problem was that we underestimated demand for the special Tavern goody box, and ran out Friday evening!

And I enjoyed the They Might Be Giants concert.

I watched the eclipse from the airport on Monday afternoon, and played a game on one of the game tables that Gen Con had thoughtfully sponsored at the airport. A classy touch!

June 30-July 2, 2017
Chattanooga, TN

Chattanooga's a great city, and I always have a good time at LibertyCon. This one, number XXX, was no exception. I ran demos of three unpublished games and they all went well. I also played Ogre and Munchkin – I won my Ogre games but got beaten like a drum at Munchkin. So it goes.

And I had dinner with Jason "PK" Levine, who lives nearby, and we ate great sushi and schemed about upcoming GURPS releases.

But I don't pay my own way to LC just to do business and demo games. I also get to socialize, meet other pros, and generally have more "fan" experience than I normally get at a convention. I attended the Baen Books dinner, rekindled some old acquaintances, and met some new people. I got to see a lot of programming, including Dr. Stephanie Osborn's entertaining and scary report on the New Madrid fault system (midcontinent and just as ominous as San Andreas – look it up.) I toured the parties. And I got to spend some time chatting with two of my favorite authors, David Weber and John Ringo (who was Literary GoH).

The charity auction is always a highlight of LC. This year two Munchkin card appearances went for $800 each, benefiting the Hatcher Foundation, which fights childhood cancer.

If a fun Chattanooga event sounds like your cup of tea, watch their site at The date and location for the 2018 event are not set, but when they are, it's likely to sell out even faster than this one did.

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