P. 1. Interior artists also included George "Speed" Webber and Charlie Wiedman.

P. 1. Credits for production should have included Lisa Smith and Charlie Wiedman.

P. 1. Car Wars map sheets are in ziplock bags.

P. 14. On the diagram of the Flying Fortress, the gates were omitted. They are ½" wide, one each centered on the short sides of the arena, and two evenly spaced on each of the long sides of the arena.

P. 14. Under Arena Notes, the third paragraph should read six, not eight, gates.

P. 14. Under Arena Notes, Ramps, The two ramps on the north end of the map are 14°.

P. 20. In Michigan, Ann Arbor and Detroit have their labels switched.

P. 24. On the Character Sheet, the Prestige line should be changed to Running and a line should be added at the bottom of the sheet for Prestige.