Steve Jackson Games GURPS – Generic Universal RolePlaying System

Table of Contents


360-Degree Vision             A16,FF23,SU35
3D Spatial Sense              SP33
Absolute Direction            19
Absolute Timing               19
Absorption                    SU35
Acceleration Tolerance        SP33,AH20
Acute Hearing                 19
Acute Taste & Smell           19
Acute Vision                  19
Alcohol Tolerance             CCS44
Alertness                     19
Allies                        23
Ally Group                    AN51,Con15,IL28,IR34,OW29,RH6
Altered Time Rate             SU35
Alternate Identity            CP19,SU12
Ambidexterity                 19
Amphibious                    A10,FF17,SU36
Animal Empathy                19
Appearance                    15
Autotrance                    R93
Bardic Immunity               Cam6,RH6
Beast-Kin                     WW58
Being of Pure Thought         PS96
Blessed                       Cam6,HC62,R93
Blood Healing                 VTM58
Body of Air                   SU36
Body of Earth                 SU36
Body of Fire                  SU36
Body of Gas                   A10
Body of Ice                   SU36
Body of Metal                 SU36
Body of Stone                 A11,FF17,SU37
Body of Water                 A11,SU37
Bouncing                      SU37
Brachiator                    UL17
Breath Holding                SU37
Broadcast                     A11,SU37
Cast Iron Stomach             UL17
Catfall                       A11,FF17,SU37
Centauroid                    UL20
Chameleon                     A11,FF17,SU37
Charisma                      19
Chronolocation                TT29
Claim to Hospitality          AN51
Claws                         A11,FF17,SU37
Clerical Investment           19,AZ66ff,R92
Clerical Magic                M84
Clinging                      A11,FF17,SU38
Combat Reflexes               20
Common Sense                  20
Compartmentalized Mind        L27
Constriction Attack           A22,FF6,SU75
Contacts                      CH51,CP20,MA23,RH6,SU12,Ter116
Cool                          A18,FF25
Costume                       SU38
Cultural Adaptability         A11,FF17
Cybernetics                   CP29ff
Damage Resistance             A11,FF17,SU38
Dampen                        A18
Danger Sense                  20
Dark Vision                   A11,FF18,SU38
Deafen                        A18,FF25
Decreased Life Support        A11
Deep Sleeper                  RP21
Destiny                       AN52,IR34
Diplomatic Immunity           IST30
Discriminatory Smell          SU38
Divine Favor                  R93
Doesn't Breathe               A12,FF18,SU39,VTM59
Doesn't Eat/Drink             A12,FF18,SU39
Doesn't Sleep                 A12,FF18,SU39
Double-Jointed                20
Duplication                   SU39
Early Maturation              A12,FF18
Eidetic Memory                20
Empathy                       20
Enhanced Block                MA43
Enhanced Dodge                MA43
Enhanced Move                 A13,FF18
Enhanced Parry                MA43
Enhanced ST                   SU39
Enhanced Time Sense           CCS44
Extended Lifespan             A13,FF18
Extra Encumbrance             FF18
Extra Fatigue                 A13,FF18,SU39
Extra Flexibility             A21,FF6,SU75
Extra Hit Points              A13,FF18,SU39
Extra Length                  A22
Extra Life                    SU39
Extra Limbs                   A21,FF5,SU74
Extra Stun                    SU40
Familiars                     BY102,M105
Fashion Sense                 CW22,VTM59
Favor                         RP25
Fearlessness                  SU14
Field Sense                   A13
Flash                         A18,FF25
Flexibility                   SU40
Flight                        A13,FF18
Flight                        SU40
Fugue                         TT29
Full Coordination             A13,FF18,SU40
G-Experience                  SP33
Gadgeteer                     CH61,SU14,TT30
Garou Advantages              WTA55ff
Garou Gifts                   WTA112ff
Generation                    VTM59
Gills                         A13,SU40
Gizmos                        CH63,SU72
Gliding                       A13,FF19
Group Skill Bonus             FF16
Growth                        SU40
Guardian Spirit               OW29
Hard to Kill                  SU41
Harmony with the Tao          Ch30,MAA100
Healing                       A13,FF19
Heir                          J28
High Pain Threshold           20
High Technology               A13
Hyperactive                   UL18
Hyperflight                   SU41
Ice Clinging                  A14,FF19
Ice Skates                    A14,FF19,SU41
Illuminated                   IL28
Illusion                      A18
Image                         FF25
Immortality                   A14,FF19,SU41
Immunity to Disease           20
Immunity to Poison            A14,FF19,SU41
Immunity to the Delirium      WTA57
Immunity to Timesickness      TT30
Improved G-Tolerance          SP33
Increased Density             SU41
Increased Speed               A14,FF19,SU41
Increased Strength            A14,FF19
Independantly Focusable Eyes  A14,FF19,SU41
Infravision                   A14,FF19,SU41
Insubstantiality              A14,FF20,SU42
Intuition                     20
Intuitive Mathematician       L28
Invisibility                  A14,FF20,SU42
Invisibility to Machines      SU42
Invulnerability               SU42
Iron Hand                     MA24
Karmic Ties                   J28,WW58
Knacks                        M86
Language Talent               20
Legal Enforcement Powers      21
Legal Immunity                R93
Legs ( >2 )                   A22,FF7
Legs ( >2 )                   SU76
Lensman                       L28
Less Sleep                    RP21
Light Hangover                CCS44
Lightning                     A18,FF25
Lightning Calculator          21
Literacy                      21
Longevity                     21,FF20
Luck                          21
Magery                        21
Magery (Moon-Aspected)        M93
Magery (One-College)          M93
Magery (Solitary)             M93
Magery (Star-Aspected)        M93
Magery (Sun-Aspected)         M93
Magical Resistance            21
Magnetic Sense                SU42
Mana Damper                   FF26
Manual Dexterity              A14,FF20
Mathematical Ability          22
Matter Surfing                SU42
Mechanical Telepathy          WAC56
Merchant Rank                 AZ34
Metabolism Control            A14,FF20
Microscopic Vision            A15,FF20,SU43
Military Rank                 22,HC22
Mimicry                       A15,FF20
Mindshare                     A15,FF20
Mode Training                 WAC56
Modified DX                   A21,FF5,SU75
Modified ST                   A21,FF5,SU74
Morph                         A15,FF21
Move Through Ice              SU43
Multimillionaire              IR34
Multiple Forms                SU43
Musical Ability               22
Natural Attacks (Strikers)    UL25
Nictating Membrane            A15,FF21,SU43
Night Vision                  22
No Hangover                   CCS44
Panimmunity                   SP64,Ter117
Parabolic Hearing             SU43
Passive Defense               A15,FF21,SU44
Patrons                       24
Penetrating Vision            SU44
Perfect Balance               A15,FF22,SU44
Peripheral Vision             22
Personality Traits            UL35ff
Pious                         Ch30
Plant Empathy                 WW59
Polarized Eyes                A15,FF22,SU44
Power Investiture             R93
Pressure Support              A15,FF22,SU44
Psionic Resistance            PS97
Racial Memory                 A15,FF22,IA26
Racial Skill Bonus            FF16
Racially Innate Spells        FF8
Radar Sense                   A15,FF22,SU44
Radio Hearing                 A15,SU44
Rapid Healing                 22
Recovery                      A16,FF22,SU44
Reduced Sleep                 SU44
Reflection                    SU44
Regeneration                  A16,FF22,SU44
Regnancy                      VTM60
Regrowth                      A16,FF22,SU44
Religious Rank                AZ35
Reputation                    17
Resistance to Disciplines     VTM71
Resurrection                  SU44
Retrogression                 TT30
Ridiculous Luck               SU11
Second-Stage Stability        L29
Secret Communication          A16,FF22
Secret Patron                 IL29
Security Clearance            Ter117
See Invisible                 A16,FF22,SU45
Sense of Perception           L28
Sensie Talent                 CW22
Sensitive Touch               A16,FF22,SU45
Shadow Form                   SU45
Shapeshifting                 AZ34
Sharpshooter                  MAA100
Shock                         UL26
Shrinking                     SU45
Silence                       A16,FF23,SU46
Smoke                         A18,FF26
Snatcher                      TT30
Sonar Vision                  A16,FF23
Sonic Blast                   A18,FF26
Speak Underwater              SU46
Speak with Animals            SU46
Speak with Fish               SU46
Speak with Plants             SU46
Spectrum Vision               A16,FF23,SU46
Status                        18
Stretching                    A16,FF23,SU46
Striker                       A23,FF7,SU76
Strong Will                   23
Style Familiarity             MA24
Subsonic Hearing              UL19
Super Climbing                SU46
Super Flight                  SU46
Super Jump                    SU46
Super Luck                    SU11
Super Running                 SU47
Super Swimming                SU47
Surge                         A18
Telescopic Vision             A16,FF23,SU47
Temperature Tolerance         A16,FF23,SU47
Temporal Inertia              TT31
Temporary Identity            L27
Time Jumper                   CCS44,TT31
Toughness                     23
Trained by a Master           MA25
Transformation                SU47
Tree-Kin                      WW59
True Faith                    VTM71
Tunnel                        A17,FF23,SU47
Ultrahearing                  SU47
Ultrasonic Hearing            A17,FF23
Ultrasonic Speech             FF23
Unaging                       A17,CCS45,Cam6,FF23,SU47
Undying                       HC62
Unfazeable                    CCS45,SU14
Universal Digestion           A17,FF24
Unusual Background            23
Vacuum Support                A17,FF24,SU47
Vampiric Advantages           VC14ff
Vampiric Disciplines          VTM66ff
Vampiric Invulnerability      VTM60
Venom                         A17,FF24
Very Rapid Healing            RW30
Voice                         23
Walk on Air                   SU47
Walk on Liquid                A17,FF24,SU48
Warm                          A18,FF26
Wealth                        16
Weapon Master                 AN52,MA25
Were-Forms                    F124,M100
Were-Forms (Advanced Rules)   BY81ff
Winged Flight                 A17,FF24
World-Jumper                  TT32
World Sight                   R94
Wyrd                          V27
Zeroed                        CP21


Absent-Mindedness             30
Accelerated Aging             SU48
Acceleration Weakness         SP33
Addiction                     30
Addiction (VR)                Ter118
Addiction (Wirehead)          CP16
Age                           27
Albinism                      27
Alcohol-Related Quirks        CCS46
Alcoholism                    30
Altered Time Rate             SU35
Amnesia                       CP23,IL30,SU17
Anaerobic                     A18
Appearance                    15
Appearance (Horrific)         L30
Aquatic                       A19
Astral Entity                 PS98
Bad Back                      RP25
Bad Sight                     27
Bad Temper                    31
Bad/Poor Grip                 UL22
Berserk                       31
Blindness                     27
Blood Bonded                  VTM63
Bloodlust                     31
Bowlegged                     OW32
Bully                         31
Cannot Climb                  UL23
Cannot Swim                   UL23
Chronic Depression            CCS47
Code of Honour                31,SW8,SU15
Cold-Blooded                  UL23
Colour Blindness              28
Combat Paralysis              32
Compulsive Behavior           32
Compulsive Carousing          Cam8,CP24,IR35,RH8,SW9,SU17
Compulsive Gambling           J29,SW9
Compulsive Generosity         AN54
Compulsive Love for . . .     J29
Compulsive Lying              32
Compulsive Spending           AN54
Compulsive Vowing             AN55,Cam8
Cowardice                     32
Curious                       SU18
Cursed                        AN55,Cam9,F(2)50,R95,SU18
Cyber-Rejection               CP23
Deafness                      28
Delusions                     32
Dependency                    A19,FF26,SU48
Dependents                    38
Destiny                       IR34
Devout Buddhist               Ch31,J30
Disciplines of Faith          R95
Disembodied Brain             PS98
Disowned                      J30
Draining, The                 VTM63
Duties                        39
Dwarfism                      28
Dying Race                    A19,FF27
Dyslexia                      33
Enemies                       39
Epilepsy                      28
Eunuch                        28
Extra Sleep                   RP21
Extravagance                  AZ36
Extremely Hazardous Duty      AN55,MA26,SO50
Fanaticism                    33
Fat                           28
Flashbacks                    SU18,WAC58
Fragile                       A19,FF27
Free Sick                     L30
G-Intolerance                 SP33
Garou Disadvantages           WTA61ff
Gigantism                     28
Glory Hound                   IR36,RH8,SU18
Gluttony                      33
Greed                         33
Guilt Complex                 WAC58
Gullibility                   33
Hard of Hearing               28
Hemophilia                    28
Honesty                       33
Horizontal                    UL20
Hunchback                     AN55,AZ36
Ignorance                     F(2)51
Illiteracy                    33
Impulsiveness                 33
Incompetence                  RH8,TT33
Inconvenient Size             FF27
Increased Life Support        A19
Innumerate                    L30
Insomniac                     RP21
Intolerance                   34,HC63
Invertebrate                  A19,FF27
Involuntary Dampen            A19
Involuntary Duty              L30
Jealousy                      34
Jinxed                        AN55,CCS47,SU19
Karmic Ties                   J28,WW58
Killjoy                       CP17
Kleptomania                   34
Lame                          29
Laziness                      34
Lecherousness                 34
Light Sleeper                 RP21
Lover's Distraction           Cam9
Low Pain Threshold            29
Magic Susceptibility          G5
Manic-Depressive              CP24,L30,SU19
Megalomania                   34
Migraine                      RP25
Miserliness                   34
Missing Digit                 OW32
Mute                          29
No Depth Perception           UL23
No Fine Manipulators          A19,FF27
No Manipulators               A19,FF27
No Physical Body              CP24
No Sense of Humour            CP24,IL30,MA26,RH8,SU19
No Sense of Smell/Taste       29
Non-Iconographic              CW22
Obsession                     IL30,MA26,RW40
Odious Personal Habits        26
On the Edge                   CP24,SU19
One Arm                       29
One Eye                       29
One Fine Manipulator          A19,FF27
One Hand                      29
Overconfidence                34
Overweight                    29
Pacifism                      35
Pacifism:Can't Harm Innocents SU17
Paranoia                      35
Parasite                      A19,FF27
Parthenomania                 WW59
Personality Traits            UL35ff
Phobias                       35
Planetbound                   A19
Poverty                       16
Prefrontal Lobotomy           CP17
Presentient                   UL23
Primitive                     26
Pyromania                     36
Quadriplegic                  CP25
Quirk                         41
Reduced Hit Points            A19,FF27
Reduced Manual Dexterity      UL22
Reduced Move                  A20,FF27
Reputation                    17
Sadism                        36
Scalped                       OW32
Secret                        CH53,Cam9,CP25,IL30...
Secret Identity               CP25,SU20
Semi-Upright                  UL20
Sense of Duty                 39
Sessile                       A20,FF27
Shamanic Initiation           F(2)51
Shinto Priest                 J30
Short Attention Span          IA26,WAC59
Short Lifespan                A20,FF27
Shyness                       37
Skinny                        29
Slave Mentality               A20,FF28
Sleepwalker                   PS99
Sleepy                        A20,FF28
Slow Eater                    UL24
Slow Healing                  FF28
Slow Metabolism               A20,FF28
Social Disease                CP25
Social Stigma                 27
Space Sickness                SP34
Split Personality             37
Status                        18
Stress Atavism                UL24
Stubbornness                  37
Stuttering                    29
Subjugation                   A20,FF28
Sundeath                      VTM64
Supersensitive                PS99
Susceptibility to Poison      CCS48
Telepathic Addiction          PS99
Terminally Ill                CCS48,CP23,SU21
Timesickness                  TT33
Tourette's Syndrome           CCS48
Trademark                     CH53,CP26,MA27,OW33,SU21
Truthfulness                  37
Uncontrolled Change           SU48
Uneducated                    UL25
Unhealing                     VTM64
Unique                        TT34
Unknown Enemies               IL31
Unluckiness                   37
Vampiric Dependency           CCS48
Vampiric Disadvantages        VC19ff
Vow                           37,HC63
Vulnerability                 A20,FF28,SU48
Weak Will                     37
Weakness                      A20,FF28,SU49
Weirdness Magnet              CCS49,Hor11,IL31,SU22
Workaholic                    WAC59
Wyrd                          V27
Yin-Yang Imbalance            Ch31
Youth                         29


Accounting                    58                  M/H
Acrobatics                    48                  P/H
Acting                        62                  M/A
Administration                62                  M/A
Agronomy                      59                  M/A
Airshipman                    RW43                M/H
Alchemy                       59,M87              M/VH
Animal Handling               46                  M/H
Anthropology                  59                  M/H
Appreciate Beauty             J30,VTM65           M/VH
Archaeology                   59                  M/H
Architecture                  59                  M/A
Area Knowledge                62,HC63,HX51        M/E
Armoury                       53                  M/A
Artificial Intelligence       Ter119              M/H
Artist                        47                  M/H
Astrogation                   59                  M/A
Astrogation                   HX51                M/VH
Astronomy                     60                  M/H
Augury                        G7                  M/VH
Autohypnosis                  UL29                M/H
Axe Throwing                  49                  P/E
Axe/Mace                      49                  P/A
Ball Game                     AZ37                P/A
Bard                          47                  M/A
Bardic Lore                   Cam10,RH9           M/H
Bartender (PS)                CCS52               M/A
Battlesuit                    49                  M/A
Beam Weapons                  49                  P/E
Beverage-Making               AZ37                M/E
Bicycling                     68                  P/E
Biochemistry                  60                  M/VH
Black Powder Weapons          49                  P/E
Blackjack                     49                  P/E
Blacksmith                    53                  M/A
Blind Fighting                MA31,VC24           M/VH
Blinding Touch                MAA101              M/VH
Blowpipe                      49,HC63             P/H
Blowpipe (Fukiya)             J31                 P/E
Board Games                   AN58                M/E
Boating                       68                  P/A
Body Control                  MA31                M/VH
Body Language                 MA28                M/H
Body Sense                    M94,PS100,SU22      P/H
Bolas                         49,HC63             P/A
Botany                        60                  M/H
Bow                           50                  P/H
Bow and Palette               IA27                P/A
Boxing                        IR37,MA28           P/A
Brawling                      50                  P/E
Breaking Blow                 MA31                M/H
Breath Control                48,J32              M/VH
Broadsword                    50                  P/A
Buckler                       50                  P/E
Bulldancing                   BY45                P/H
Bullfighting                  BY45                P/A
Calligraphy                   47                  P/A
Camouflage                    65                  M/E
Carousing                     63                  P/A (HT)
Carpentry                     53                  M/E
Cartography                   CH54,Ter119         M/A
Ch'i Treatment                Ch33                M/H
Change Control                WTA65               M/H
Chemistry                     60                  M/H
Chess                         Cam10               M/E
Climbing                      57                  P/A
Cloak                         F61,SW12,SU22       P/A
Combat/Weapon Art             J30                 Varies
Combat/Weapon Art or Sport    MA29                Varies
Computer Hacking              CP26,VC24           M/VH
Computer Operation            58                  M/E
Computer Programming          60                  M/H
Conspiracy Theory             IL31                M/VH
Cooking                       53                  M/E
Cooperage                     SW10                M/E
Courtesan (PS)                CCS52               M/A
Criminology                   60                  M/A
Crossbow                      50                  P/E
Cryptanalysis                 SO54                M/H
Cryptography                  Ter119              M/H
Cryptology                    G7,MI(2)41          M/H
Cyberaxe                      CW23                M/H
Cyberdeck Operation           CP26                M/VH
Cyphering                     F114,AZ37           M/E
Dancing                       47                  P/A
Darts                         CCS51               P/E
Demolition                    65                  M/A
Detect Lies                   65                  M/H
Dexitroboping                 L32                 P/H
Diagnosis                     56                  M/H
Diplomacy                     63                  M/H
Disguise                      65                  M/A
Disguise (Animal Guise)       IA27                M/A
Dislocating                   MAA102              P/H
Distilling                    F113                M/A
Dreaming                      VC24                M/VH
Driving                       68                  P/A
Drunken Fighting              MA32                P/H
Dyeing                        F113                M/A
Ecology                       60                  M/H
Economics                     60                  M/H
Electronics                   60                  M/H
Electronics Operation         58                  M/A
Emmfozing                     L32                 P/H
Engineer                      60                  M/H
Enigmas                       WTA66               M/H
Equestrian Acrobatics         OW36                P/H
Erotic Art                    CCS51               P/H
Escape                        65                  P/H
Exorcism                      Hor45               M/H
Exoskeleton                   IST30,SP36          P/A
Explosive Ordnance Disposal   SO54                M/H
Falconry                      46,HC63             M/A
Fanning                       HT58,OW80           P/E
Fast-Draw                     50                  P/E
Fast-Draw (Balisong)          MA28                P/E
Fast-Draw Knife from Teeth    SW13                P/E
Fast-Talk                     63                  M/A
Featherworking                AZ37                M/A
Fencing                       50                  P/A
Fire Eating                   VC24                P/A
Fire-Siphon                   AN58                P/A
Fire Walking                  VC24                M/H
Fireworks                     J32                 M/H
First Aid                     56                  M/E
Fishing                       57                  M/E
Flail                         50                  P/H
Flight                        G6,SU24             P/A
Flint Sparking                IA27                P/E
Flower Arranging              J30,AZ37            M/E
Flying Leap                   MAA102              M/H
Flying Fists                  MAA102              M/VH
Force Shield                  50                  P/E
Force Sword                   50                  P/A
Forensics                     61                  M/H
Forgery                       65                  M/H
Fortune Telling               VC25                M/A
Forward Observer              HT72,SO54,AH22      M/A
Free Fall                     48                  P/A
Gambling                      63                  M/A
Gardening                     Ch33,J31            M/E
Garrote                       MA29                P/E
Genetics                      61                  M/VH
Geology                       61                  M/H
Gesture                       55                  M/E
Glassblowing                  F114                P/H
Gunner                        50                  P/A
Guns                          51                  P/E
Hand of Death                 MA32                M/VH
Hard-Hat Diving               SO55                M/A
Harpoon                       F(2)52              P/H
Heraldry                      58,HC64             M/A
Herbary                       R97                 M/H
Hidden Lore                   VC25                M/A
Hiking                        IR37                P/A (HT)
History                       61                  M/H
Holdout                       66                  M/A
Horse Archery                 AN58                Spec.
Hyperspace Physics            UL29                M/VH
Hypnotic Hands                MAA103              M/H
Hypnotism                     56,HC64,J32         M/H
Illumination                  F113                P/A
Illusion Art                  G5                  M/H
Immovable Stance              MA32                P/H
Inertialess Agility           L32                 P/H
Integrating Calculator Op     L32                 M/A
Intelligence Analysis         66                  M/H
Interrogation                 66                  M/A
Intimidation                  IL32,IR37,RH9       M/A
Invisibility Art              MA32                M/VH
Jeweler                       53                  M/H
Jitte/Sai                     MA29                P/A
Judo                          51                  P/H
Juggling                      CCS51               P/E
Jumping                       48                  P/E
Karate                        51                  P/H
Katana                        J31,MA29            P/A
Kiai                          MA33                P/H (HT)
Kite Flying                   Ch33,J32            P/E
Knife                         51                  P/E
Knife (Main-Gauche)           F62,MA30,SW13       P/A
Knife Throwing                51                  P/E
Kusari                        MA29                P/H
Lance                         51                  P/A
Languages                     54                  Varies
Lasso                         51,HC64             P/A
Law                           58                  M/H
Leadership                    63                  M/A
Leatherworking                53                  M/E
Light Walk                    MA33                M/H
Linguistics                   61                  M/VH
Lip Reading                   66                  M/A
Literature                    61                  M/H
Lockpicking                   67                  M/A
Low-G Flight                  Ter119              P/A
Lucid Dreaming                G6                  M/E
Magic Breath                  M94                 P/E
Magic Jet                     M94                 P/E
Martial Arts Maneuvers        MA37ff,MAA104ff     Spec.
Masonry                       F114                P/E
Masquerade                    VC26                P/A
Mathematics                   61                  M/H
Mechanic                      54                  M/A
Meditation                    R97                 M/H
Meditation                    Ch33,J32,MA33       M/VH
Mental Strength               MA33                M/H
Merchant                      64                  M/A
Metallurgy                    61                  M/H
Meteorology                   61                  M/A
Mimicry                       IA28                M/H
Mimicry                       VC27                P/A
Mind Block                    L33,PS100           M/A
Motorcycle                    69                  P/E
Mountain Heart                MAA14               M/VH
Muscle Reading                L33                 M/VH
Musical Instruments           47                  M/H
NBC Warfare                   SO55,WAC61          M/A
Naturalist                    57                  M/H
Navigation                    57                  M/H
Needlecraft                   F114                P/A
Nei Tan                       Ch33                M/VH
Net                           51                  P/H
Netmaking                     F114                P/E
Neurophon                     HX51                M/VH
No-Landing Extraction         SO55,WAC60          M/A
Nuclear Engineering           HT23                M/H
Nuclear Physics               61                  M/VH
Nuclear Weapons Engineer      HT23                M/H
Occultism                     61                  M/A
Off-Hand Weapon Training      F63,IR37,MA30       Spec.
Orienteering                  SO55,Ter119         M/A
Origami                       J31                 M/E
Packing                       46                  M/H
Panhandling                   VC27                M/E
Parachuting                   48                  P/E
Paraphysics                   PS100               M/VH
Parry Missile Weapons         J31,MA30            P/H
Patolli                       AZ37                M/E
Performance                   64,J31              M/A
Performance/Ritual            R97                 M/A
Philosophy                    AN58,IR37,MA30      M/H
Photography                   47                  M/A
Photonics                     Ter119              M/H
Physician                     56                  M/H
Physics                       61                  M/H
Physiology                    61                  M/VH
Pickpocket                    67                  P/H
Picture-Writing               AZ38                M/H
Piloting                      69                  P/A
Piloting (Manned Kite)        Ch34                P/A
Planetology                   SP36                M/A
Poetry                        47                  M/A
Poisons                       67                  M/H
Polearm                       51                  P/A
Politics                      64                  M/A
Pottery                       54                  M/A
Power Blow                    MA33                M/H
Powerboat                     69                  P/A
Precognitive Parry            MAA103              M/H
Pressure Points               MA33                M/H
Pressure Secrets              MA34                M/VH
Probability Physics           UL29                M/VH
Prospecting                   62                  M/A
Psionics                      L34,UL29            M/VH
Psychology                    62                  M/H
Punning                       CCS52               M/A
Push                          MA34                P/H
Research                      62                  M/A
Riding                        46                  P/A
Rune-Lore                     M81                 M/VH
Runes                         M81                 Varies
Running                       48                  P/H (HT)
SIGINT Collection/Jamming     SO55                M/H
Sacrifice                     AZ38                M/H
Savoir-Faire                  64                  M/E
Savoir-Faire (Military)       IR37                M/E
Science!                      AH22                M/VH
Scrounging                    67                  M/E
Scuba                         48                  M/A
Sculpting                     47                  P/A
Seamanship                    57                  M/E
Sensie Interface              CW23                M/H
Sex Appeal                    64                  M/A (HT)
Shadowing                     67                  M/A
Shield                        52                  P/E
Shipbuilding                  54                  M/H
Shipbuilding(Starship)        SP36                M/A
Shiphandling                  SW10                M/H
Short Staff                   MA30                P/H
Shortsword                    52                  P/A
Shuriken                      J31,MA30            P/H
Sign Language                 55                  M/A
Singing                       48                  P/E (HT)
Skaldic Lore                  V29                 M/H
Skating                       V30                 P/H
Skiing                        49                  P/H
Sleight of Hand               67                  P/H
Sling                         52                  P/H
Slipping the Hammer           HT58,OW80           P/E
Snake Charming                VC27                M/A
Spear                         52                  P/A
Spear Thrower                 52,HC64             P/A
Spear Throwing                52                  P/E
Speed-Load                    52                  P/E
Speed-Reading                 Con17,VC27          M/A
Spell Throwing                G7,M94              P/E
Spells                        G8ff,M21ff          M/H or /VH
Sports                        49                  P/A
Staff                         52                  P/H
Stealth                       67                  P/A
Strategy                      64                  M/H
Streetwise                    68                  M/A
Sumo Wrestling                J31,MA30            P/A
Surgery                       56                  M/VH
Surveying                     OSF4,SW11           M/A
Survival                      57                  M/A
Survival (Urban)              CP26,RH9            M/A
Swimming                      49                  P/E
Tactics                       64                  M/H
Tanning                       F114                P/A
Tattooing                     G7                  M/A
Tea Ceremony                  Ch34,J31            M/H
Teaching                      64                  M/A
Teamster                      47                  M/A
Telegraphy                    55                  M/E
Temporal Electronics          CCS52,TT35          M/H
Temporal Operation            CCS52,TT35          M/A
Temporal Physics              CCS52,TT35          M/VH
Thanatology                   VC27                M/H
Thaumatology                  M7                  M/VH
Theology                      62                  M/H
Throwing                      49                  P/H
Throwing Art                  MA34                P/H
Thrown Weapon                 52                  P/E
Tightrope Walking             VC27                P/H
Tonfa                         MA30                P/A
Tournament Law                MA30                M/E
Tracking                      57                  M/A
Traffic Analysis              SO55                M/H
Traps                         68                  M/A
Two-Handed Axe/Mace           52                  P/A
Two-Handed Sword              52                  P/A
Underwater Demolition         68                  M/A
Vacc Suit                     69                  M/A
Vedodit Training              F(2)52              M/H
Ventriloquism                 68                  M/H
Veterinary                    47                  M/H
Video Production              CP26                M/A
Vole Training                 F(2)52              M/A
Weaving                       F114,AZ38           P/E,M/E
Whip                          52                  P/A
Woodworking                   54                  P/A
Wrestling                     AN58,IR37,MA30      P/A
Writing                       48                  M/A
Xenobiology                   SP36                M/A
Xenology                      SP36,UL29           M/H
Yin/Yang Healing              CH33,J32,MA31       M/H
Zen Archery                   MA34                M/VH
Zoology                       62                  M/H


Antipsi Power                 PS10
Aspect                        PS20                M/H
Astral Projection Power       PS10
Astral Projection             PS10                M/H
Astral Sight                  PS11                M/H
Autoteleport                  PS27                M/H
Clairaudience                 PS14                M/H
Clairsentience                PS14                M/H
Clairvoyance                  PS13                M/H
Combat Sense                  PS14                M/H
Combat Teleport               PS27                M/H
Confuse                       PS11                M/H
Cryokinesis                   PS17                M/H
Cyberpsi                      PS11                M/H
Dampen                        PS12                M/H
Desire Power                  CCS50
Drain (Attribute)             PS16                M/H
Drain Emotion                 PS16                M/H
ESP Power                     PS13
Electrokinesis Power          PS11
Emotion Sense                 PS20                M/H
Energy Sense                  PS12                M/H
Energy Shield                 PS12                M/H
Erase Signature               PS21                M/H
Exoteleport                   PS27                M/H
Facade Power                  AA125
Healing Power                 PS15
Healing                       PS15                M/H
Illusion                      PS21                M/H
Levitation                    PS18                M/H
Life Extension                PS15                M/H
Lightning                     PS12                M/H
Mental Blow                   PS21                M/H
Mental Stab                   PS22                M/H
Metabolism Control            PS15                M/H
Mind Shield                   PS22                M/H
Mindlink                      PS96
Mindswitch                    PS23                M/H
Mindsword                     PS23                M/H
Mindwipe                      PS23                M/H
Neutralize                    PS10                M/H
PK Shield                     PS18                M/H
Photokinesis                  PS13                M/H
Precognition                  PS14                M/H
Psi Sense                     PS24                M/H
Psi Static                    PS10                M/H
Psychic Vampirism Power       PS16
Psychokinesis Power           PS17
Psychometry                   PS14                M/H
Pyrokinesis                   PS18                M/H
Seekersense                   PS15                M/H
Sense Aura                    PS16                M/H
Signature Sniffer             PS24                M/H
Sleep                         PS24                M/H
Steal Dreams                  PS17                M/H
Steal Energy                  PS17                M/H
Steal Power                   PS17                M/H
Suggest                       PS24                M/H
Surge                         PS13                M/H
Telecontrol                   PS25                M/H
Telekinesis                   PS19                M/H
Telepathy Power               PS20
Teleportation Power           PS26
Telereceive                   PS25                M/H
Telescan                      PS26                M/H
Telesend                      PS26                M/H
Timeshare Telepathy Power     CCS50
Witchman Mind-Transfer        HC82

Super Powers

Absorb Attribute              SU55
Absorb Matter                 SU55
Alter                         SU55
Analyze                       SU55
Animate                       SU55
Animate Plant                 SU55
Animate Shadow                SU55
Anti-G                        SU56
Bind                          SU56
Blind                         SU56
Bond                          SU56
Buzzsaw                       SU56
Call Hail                     SU56
Colour                        SU57
Confuse                       SU57
Control Animal                SU57
Control Animated Object       SU57
Control Fire                  SU57
Control Fish                  SU57
Control Liquid                SU57
Control Plant                 SU57
Control Temperature           SU57
Control Weather               SU57
Control Winds                 SU58
Cool                          SU58
Create Air                    SU58
Create Darkness               SU58
Create Gas                    SU58
Create Liquid                 SU58
Damage Control                SU58
Dampen                        SU59
Deafen                        SU59
Decrease Density              SU59
Dehydrate                     SU59
Destroy Liquid                SU59
Disintegrate                  SU59
Drain Skill                   SU59
Drain Super Ability           SU60
Ectoplasmic Projection        AA123
Fireball                      SU60
Flame Jet                     SU60
Flash                         SU60
Frost Jet                     SU60
Healing                       SU60
Ice Spear                     SU60
Ice Sphere                    SU60
Ice Wall                      SU60
Icy Surface                   SU60
Illuminate                    SU61
Illusion                      SU61
Increase Density              SU61
Increase Gravity              SU61
Laser                         SU61
Lightning                     SU62
Magnetize                     SU62
Metabolism Control            SU62
Mimic Skill                   SU62
Mimic Super Ability           SU62
Mimicry                       SU62
Mold Earth                    SU62
Mold Stone                    SU63
Morph                         SU63
Morph Memory                  SU63
Neutralize Fire               SU63
Neutralize Sound              SU63
Plant Growth                  SU63
Ring of Fire                  SU64
Sand Jet                      SU64
Sense Animal                  SU64
Sense Fish                    SU64
Sense Plant                   SU64
Sense Super Power             SU64
Shape Ice                     SU64
Shockwave                     SU64
Smoke                         SU64
Sonic Blast                   SU64
Stone Missile                 SU64
Surge                         SU64
Vacuum                        SU65
Vibratory Blast               SU65
Wall of Fire                  SU65
Warm                          SU65
Water Cannon                  SU65
Water Jet                     SU65
Wave of Earth                 SU65
Whirlwind                     SU65
Wind Blast                    SU65
Wind Jet                      SU65

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