New Releases for 1997

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Shipped December 8, 1997

The Angelic Player's Guide
The APG offers expanded portrayals of the major Choirs in the In Nomine universe -- including advanced uses for their divine powers -- and includes a host of insights into unusual angels, angelic reproduction, the awful aspects of Falling and much more!

A reprint of this ever-popular book covering the Magic system for GURPS.

Shipped October 13, 1997

GURPS Black Ops
You work for the Company, keeping the veil of secrecy over mind-shattering truths while trying to eliminate the threat they pose. You've survived five years of training at the Academy, where no one drops out but half the class doesn't make it to graduation. But now you're the best of the best. You kick ass and take names. You have the best training, the best equipment, the best intelligence, support and planning. It probably won't be enough.

Heaven and Hell
This is the third book of the In Nomine Revelations cycle, and details the architecture and inhabitants of those infamous celestial planes Heaven and Hell. This book will also expand Dominic, the Archangel of Judgment, Yves, the Archangel of Destiny, Asmodeus, the Demon Prince of the Game, and Kronos, the Demon Prince of Fate. It will also introduce Zadkiel, the Archangel of Protection, and Mammon, the Demon Prince of Greed.

Pyramid #27
More of the best in gaming!

Shipped September 2, 1997

The Marches
Second volume in the 1997 In Nomine cycle, The Marches, as the name implies, goes into further detail about the ethereal dream plane known as The Marches. It also presents ethereal spirits, pagan gods, and the angels of hope and demons of fear. This book will also expand Blandine, the Archangel of Dreams, Gabriel, the Archangel of Fire, Beleth, the Demon Princess of Nightmares, and Belial, the Demon Prince of Fire.

Knightmare Chess, 2nd Edition

Shipped August 18, 1997

GURPS Planet Krishna
For decades readers of science fiction have enjoyed fantastic adventures on the second planet of Tau Ceti, courtesy of the fertile imagination of L. Sprague de Camp. Now gamers can join in the fun. GURPS Planet Krishna The world of Krishna is a combination of classic space opera with hard-science realism and a dash of humor. On Krishna, the Earthmen and the green-skinned natives are on an equal footing. Characters must rely on their wits as much as on their swords. Gamemasters who are tired of players who shoot their way out of every difficulty can see how well they do without their technological toys...

GURPS Ultra-Tech 2
This sequel to the popular GURPS Ultra-Tech offers a wide variety of new science-fiction personal equipment, along with rules for building combined gadgets, variant-technology campaigns and more!

Shipped July 21, 1997

Night Music
The first supplement for the infamous In Nomine, Night Music is the guidebook to the corporeal realm. Night Music further details Soldiers, Saints, and Undead, presents Austin, TX as an In Nomine setting (funny, we live there), and presents Furfur, the demon of Speed Metal. Furfur's Word is waning, but he has a plan to regain his former power and more in the adventure, "The Demon Prince of Rock and Roll." This book will also expand Laurence, the Archangel of the Sword, and Saminga, the Demon Prince of Death, and introduce Christopher, the Archangel of Children, and Fleurity, the Demon Prince of Drugs.

Pyramid #26
Enter the Magetrap, a magical murder mystery for GURPS. Plus guidelines for adding historical economics to a medieval or fantasy roleplaying campaign; a new In Nomine scenario, game ideas for Deadlands and Over The Edge, and a look at how In Nomine came to be written the way it did. And Pyramid Picks reviews MicroProse's Magic: The Gathering CD-ROM, West End's Star Wars Introductory Adventure Game, Dream Pod 9's Heavy Gear, and more.

Shipped May 20, 1997

GURPS Compendium I (reprint)
The first printing was so popular it sold out, so we printed more. GURPS Compendium I collects in one volume all the the new rules that have been added to the GURPS character creation system since the GURPS Basic Set, 3rd Edition was released in 1988. Compendium I contains hundreds of advantages, disadvantages and skills and other rules for character creation, all in one place!

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