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O C T O B E R   2 0 2 3 

Shipping October 30, 2023

Pathfinder Revolution!

Make Your Bid For Power!

Behold the city of Korvosa, the gateway to fabled Varisia. Those with the most guile, cunning, and simple brute force control the city.

Welcome to Pathfinder Revolution!

Secretly bid against your opponents for control of important people and guilds, gaining influence in different regions throughout the city, as well as more gold, power, or blackmail for your war chest. Gold can sway the Guildmaster, and blackmail may turn the Hellknight to your side, but sometimes the only answer to a problem is force. Can you use the tools of gutter statecraft, bluff or outguess your opponents, and build a coalition to control the city?

Pathfinder Revolution! is a game of bidding and intrigue for three to six players.

156 transparent acrylic cubes, a mounted double-sided gameboard, dozens of chipboard counters, six player bidding screens, six bidding boards, and a rulesheet. Stock #1913, ISBN 080742095250. $59.95.

Munchkin Warhammer 40,000: Storming the Warp

Anyone who has explored the galaxy of Warhammer 40,000 will know that it holds a vast variety of planets. Some of these worlds appear in dozens of stories, such as Holy Terra, the capital of the Imperium of Mankind – others only get a passing mention as they are devoured by a Tyranid hive fleet. This Dungeons expansion for Munchkin Warhammer 40,000 brings 20 of these worlds to your table to add more Chaos (and fun) to your grim, dark games.

16 cards, 20 dungeons, and a rulesheet in a tuckbox. Stock #4491, ISBN 080742094994. $11.95.

Shipping October 16, 2023

We Love Cats

The purr-fect short game for cat lovers!

How many cats can you adopt? Every cat finds a home . . .

Contains a cloth bag, 30 cat tokens, and two special dice. For three to six players – and it takes just a few minutes. (Then play again and adopt some more cats!)

A cloth bag, 30 cat tokens, two custom dice, and rules for adopting cats! Stock #131352, ISBN 080742095670 . $9.95.

Shipped October 2, 2023
Shipped October 1, 2023

R E P R I N T S 

Shipping October 30, 2023

Munchkin Pathfinder: Gobsmacked! (Reprint)

After we finished Munchkin Pathfinder, we found another hob of goblins hiding under the desk . . . so we made a mini-expansion out of 'em. Fight off the Goblin Babies, Cog Goblin, and Goblin Hood with the Gobliterator! Just don't get Gobsmacked!

15 cards in a tuckbox. Stock #4422, ISBN 080742094932. $8.95.

Shipping October 30, 2023

Munchkin Pathfinder: Truly Gobnoxious (Reprint)

Is your goblin horde more of a goblin clique? Not for long! Swell your goblin ranks with Munchkin Pathfinder: Truly Gobnoxious, a mini-expansion for Munchkin that overruns your game with this classic fantasy enemy.

Contains 10 new monster cards and five goblin-related treasures with all-new Shane White (Munchkin Pathfinder Guest Artist Edition) illustrations!

This is an expansion for Munchkin Pathfinder. It is not a stand-alone game. This is NOT a collectible or randomized set. Every Munchkin Pathfinder: Truly Gobnoxious pack is the same as every other.

15 cards in a tuckbox. Stock #4424, ISBN 080742094925. $8.95.

Shipping October 16, 2023

Munchkin Cthulhu 2 – Call of Cowthulhu (Reprint)

Aw, shucks! Y'all loved Munchkin Cthulhu so much, we jes' had ta bring ya more of that down-home Munchkin craziness!

Munchkin Cthulhu 2 -- Call of Cowthulhu puts the Great Old Ones out to pasture, Munchkin-style! In this 56-card supplement you'll find:

  • More monsters! Hog-Sothoth, the Sheep Ones, Shoggoats -- even Cowthulhu itself!
  • More whackers! Squish unnatural creatures with the Rolling Pin, chop them down with the Scythe, or clean them up with the Super Duper Pooper Scooper.
  • A special card type -- Madness! These are played like Curses, but every Madness has its advantages as well!

And more of everything else. Watch out for Old Man Nodens with his faithful Doggoth. Defeat the Arkhamster with your Prize-Winning Preserves. And fear . . . Bovine Intervention!

Call of Cowthulhu. Country life will never be the same.

56 cards in a tuckbox. Stock #1453, UPC 837654320549. $11.95.

Shipped October 2, 2023

Chupacabra: Survive the Night (Reprint)

Can you survive the night?

Night falls, and the bloodsucking Chupacabra stalks its prey. Its red eyes mean doom . . .

Divide up the 24 glow-in-the dark dice. When you roll a Chupacabra, you can take dice from your opponents – but they can do the same to you. Claim all the dice, and be the only one to survive the night!

Two to four players can play. Each game takes just 10 to 20 minutes and can be taught in a single round.

24 custom glow-in-the-dark dice, dice cup, and rules. Stock #131333, ISBN 080742094970. $19.95.

Shipped October 2, 2023

Munchkin Tricky Treats (Reprint)

It's Halloween, and you know what that means -- it's time to dress up, kill monsters, and take their sweet, sweet CANDY!!!! Put on your Zombie Costume, grab your Favorite Machete, and show that Sparkly Vampire who's boss! But be careful . . . you may fall prey to The Prim Reaper or the worst Halloween fate of all . . . Healthy Snacks!

We've added four cards from the Munchkin Halloween pack plus the Candy Apple promo card – for a total of 30 cards!

30 cards in a tuckbox. Stock #4218, ISBN 080742094956. $10.95.

Shipped October 1, 2023

Munchkin 10 – Time Warp (Reprint)

Make history! Shake history! Fake history! And break history!

With Munchkin 10 – Time Warp (our first numbered Munchkin expansion in more than three years!), you'll get 112 new cards compatible with the classic set by the TIME-honored team of Steve Jackson and John Kovalic. Arm yourself with George Washington’s False Teeth and Archimedes’ Screw. Whack your foes with the Philosopher’s Stone and a precious Ming Vase. And what foes! Cleopatra and her Pet Roc . . . Lucrezia Borgia, . . . with Monkeys, and even Mrs. O’Leary’s Cow, aided by Huns, Goths, and Vandals!

Use of these cards will guarantee you fail History class, but a good TIME will be had by all!

112 cards and a rulesheet, in a tuckbox. Stock #1467, ISBN 080742095212. $19.95.

New!  * Coming November  * Coming December  * Coming January  * Coming February  * Further Out  * Previously Shipped...  * All upcoming releases – text only, no cover art

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