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An Ogre scenario

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Paneuropean forces are trying to run a convoy of trucks with supplies. The problem is they have only Infantry to escort the trucks. On the plus side, the Combine forces have only Infantry as well, and not a lot of them. It's a footrace to see how many trucks can get off the North side of the map.


Number of Players: 2

Combine: 12 strength points of Infantry. Place 3 squads each in 0301, 0601, 0901 and 1201

Paneuropean: 18 strength points of Infantry and 10 trucks. All units may enter anywhere along the south edge of the Map.

Paneuropean forces move first


Ogre Map, North half only



  • 3-hex (x6): 0301-0302-0402, 0601-0602-0701, 0901-0902-1002, 1108-1208-1209, 1201-1202-1301, 1304-1404-1405
  • 2-hex (x6): 0502-0503, 0604-0605, 0609-0708, 0804-0903, 0908-1009, 1102-1203
  • 1-hex (x1): 0104

Damaged Town:

  • 3-hex (x6): 0208-0307-0308, 0304-0404-0405, 0510-0610-0611, 0705-0805-0806, 1104-1204-1205, 1306-1307-1407
  • 2-hex (x6): 0203-0204, 0309-0410, 0406-0407, 0807-0808, 1210-1211, 1505-1506

Tip for placing overlays: Place all the 3-hex overlays first, especially the four 3-hex towns across the top. Place the single 1-hex at 0104 and the 2-hex overlays will become fairly obvious as connecting pieces.


Combine forces get an additional 6 squads of Infantry; 3 entering from either 0601 or 0901 on the North edge, and 3 from anywhere on the South edge on the turn after any Paneuropean unit crosses the crater row marked by the arrows on the side of the map (the same line used to separate the North and Central areas of the Ogre map)


Paneuropean squads exiting the North edge count toward total alive squads for victory conditions.

Special Rules

All optional terrain destruction rules (13.01) may be used.

Infantry may not ride in the trucks; they are already full with supplies.

Ridges partially covered by overlays are not ridges and do not affect movement.

Stacking limit of 5 units (5.02.2) is enforced

Objectives & Victory Points

Victory is based on number of surviving trucks, not victory points.

Combine Objective: Destroy as many Paneuropean trucks as possible.

Paneuropean Objective: Get as many trucks off the North edge of the map as possible.

Victory Levels

Complete Paneuropean victory: All trucks exit the North edge and at least 9 PE squads still alive.

Paneuropean victory: 6-9 trucks exit the North edge and at least 9 PE squads still alive.

Marginal Paneuropean victory: 6 or more trucks exit the North edge.

Marginal Combine victory: 5 or fewer trucks exit the North edge.

Combine victory: 1-5 trucks exit the North edge and at least 9 Combine squads still alive.

Complete Combine victory: All trucks destroyed and at least 9 Combine squads still alive.

Scenario Variants

Hovertruck scenario: The Paneuropean forces may replace any number of Trucks with Hovertrucks at a 1:1 ratio.

Ogre scenario: None.

The Ogre Scenario Book 2 PDF, combining all of these scenarios, may be purchased on Warehouse 23

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