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Uncivil Engineers

An Ogre scenario

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The combine has captured a Paneuropean power plant intact, but not before it was sabotaged. A mechanized infantry company is rushing a group of engineers to repair it, but they have to run a Paneuro gauntlet across a rear area to get there.


The defender sets up first. He gets 24 squads of infantry and 10 armor units, all but 6 AU (combined) of which are placed north of the line running from S1- 0101 to S1-2312. The remaining 6 AU of units may be set up anywhere on the board. He sets up his units camouflaged, per Section 13.05.

The attacker gets 3 engineers (use marines if engineer counters are unavailable), 9 squads of infantry, 4 GEV-PCs and 8 AU of additional GEVs and/or LGEVs. The attacker moves first, entering on any hex(es) on lake in the SW corner of the map; the entry hex counts for movement, and any unit entering on the road may take road bonus if applicable.

All defending units are revealed at the end of the attacker's first movement phase.

The attacker does not have to commit all of his forces on Turn 1, but must commit the remainder on turn 2.


Use maps G1 South and S1 North. The defender chooses up to 4 hexes to start the game as rubble. All three bridges on map must start the scenario intact.


Attackers escaping the map can leave from either the NE corner between hexes G1-1712 and G1-2315 or lake in the SW corner (though only NE counts for victory conditions). Defenders may escape from anywhere on the map except the two lakes.

Special Rules

Use 13.01 and 13.02 for terrain destruction, and 13.05 for camouflaged units. Also, other than being treated as special for victory conditions, the engineers are treated as normal infantry with no additional abilities.

Objectives & Victory Points

The attacker's objective is to get the engineers and at least one GEV-PC across the map and exit the NE corner, as quickly as possible. The attacker loses victory levels if it takes more than 10 turns to get off the map. The game ends when all of the attacker's units have left the map.

Victory Levels

The winner is determined by how many engineers make it off the board, if at least one GEV-PC makes it off the board, and how long it takes. Starting on turn 9, reduce the attacker's victory by one level, and again every 2 turns thereafter.

Total defender victoryNo engineers escape.
Defender victory1 engineer and no GEV-PCs escape.
Marginal defense victory2 engineers and no GEV-PCs escape.
Draw3 engineers and no GEV-PCs escape.
Marginal attacker victory1 engineer and at least 1 GEV-PC escapes.
Attacker victory2 engineers and at least 1 GEV-PC escapes.
Total attacker victory3 engineers and at least 1 GEV-PC escapes.

Scenario Variants

Ogre Scenario

The defender and attacker each get an additional 4 AU of units, and may use Section 13.03 to trade for Ogre Mark Is.

The Ogre Scenario Book 2 PDF, combining all of these scenarios, may be purchased on Warehouse 23

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