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August 31, 2002: I've Got A Crush On You

Illuminated Site of the Week: A diamond is forever, so most people use them to say "I love you." LifeGem goes one step further - their gems are made from the carbon when your beloved dies.

-- Suggested by Darkwulf and Doug Haxton

Warehouse 23 News: Any Superhero, Any Power, Any Adventure!

Champions is back! This latest edition (written for Hero System 5th Edition) explores the superhero genre more thoroughly than ever before, delving into all the subjects you need to know about to create incredible characters and campaigns.

August 30, 2002: Loren's At DragonCon

Loren Wiseman, our GURPS Traveller Senior Line Editor and all-around guru of things Imperial, will be at DragonCon this weekend. Ask him about his "Nobles" book . . . it's almost done!

Warehouse 23 News: A Place of Mystery, Danger, and Dark Secrets

The threat of the Reckoning has stirred the beings from the Otherworlds and creatures that once were human, but now live on as spirits or the undead. Mystery Codex is a supplement for the Witchcraft roleplaying game.

August 29, 2002: Life On Mars Update

In the recent GURPS Mars, we wrote of the surface conditions on the Red Planet: "The combination of antiseptic soil and deadly ultraviolet radiation makes the surface of Mars a very effective sterilizer."

Maybe not. Scientists have had some luck keeping a class of terrestrial microorganisms called methanogens alive in Mars-like conditions. See the CNN story.

-- Scott Haring

Warehouse 23 News: New Ogre Minis

The Ogre Mark I, Ogre Mark II, and relevant repair kits are now available as individual miniatures.

August 28, 2002: Back From Seattle

If you'll forgive a bit of random blogging:

Back from Seattle. Yesterday was an official Day Off. First one in a long time that I haven't spent at home. Liked it.

Spent the day walking around looking at Chihuly glass, with bits of mall-crawling in between. Then visited the Experience Music Project and experienced $20 whisking out of my pocket just to get in. The motion-platform ride there is technically brilliant, thematically pretentious, and raises the non-musical question "What does a hands-on museum of music hope to communicate with a motion-platform ride besides the fact that somebody had a lot of money and really wished he was funky?"

But it got better in the hands-on demo area, despite James Ernest's concise and accurate two-word critique of my drum technique, which I will not repeat but which rhymes with Light Goy.

Had dinner at a fantastic place called Two Dagos From Texas. The PC racists at the local phone company won't let the Sicilians who founded the place call themselves Dagos, so you can't find them in the yellow pages, but that hasn't put them out of business. GREAT food, absolutely incredible, huge portions, friendly service. That place goes on my list for EVERY visit to Seattle, and I recommend you check it out if you get the chance.

Then went to see the new Eddie Murphy film, The Adventures of Pluto Nash. Now, I am a BIG science fiction fan, and a stickler for accuracy, and I think Murphy's mugging has ruined a lot of films; as a jackass in Shreck he was typecast. So I should NOT have liked that film. But you know something? I did. It's SF lite, and that can be fun. Murphy grabbed ass less, and acted more, than anybody had a right to expect. I was actually rooting for his character NOT to die. The lunar-colony scenes had a good FEEL to them, the best future city I've seen since Blade Runner - this colony is a bit shabby not because everybody is discouraged, but because everybody is too busy making money to worry about the details. And yeah, people don't move that way in lunar gravity, you're absolutely right, now shut up. I liked it. Ignore the reviews, which were uniformly bad, and go.

Conclusion: Seattle is neat. And when Austin's in the high 80s at NIGHT, it's easy to think about moving. But they have enough game companies there already . . .
-- Steve Jackson

Warehouse 23 News: More Zombies!

Zombies!!! 2: Zombie Corps(e) expands the popular board game with the addition of new map tiles (of a military base!), new event cards, and six extra zombies. Just in case those six extra zombies aren't enough, there is also the Bag o' Zombies!!!: one hundred glow-in-the-dark plastic zombies!

August 27, 2002: Assembly Day

Saturday was one of our occasional MIB assembly days, where Austin-area Men In Black (and we use the term "Austin-area" loosely, as some of our help this time came from Houston and San Antonio) come to the luxurious SJ Games home office and put games together for pizza and a free early copy of whatever they put together.

As a result, we will have several thousand Star Munchkin ready to ship out later this week, without having to take the entire staff away from their pressing duties to get them done. Thanks to everyone who showed up! (Special thanks to all the warehouse staff who gave up their Saturdays to help out, and extra-special thanks to Monique Chapman, who came in to supervise.)

-- Andrew Hackard, Managing Editor

Warehouse 23 News: The Sky Is Falling!

In the world of Shadowrun, 2061 marks the return of Halley's Comet and the 50th anniversary of the Awakening. The Year of the Comet describes a series of events around which entire adventures and campaigns can be built, while Wake of the Comet includes three adventures that wrap up one of the plots started in the first book.

August 26, 2002: Too Much Fun With Star Munchkin

You would expect that a convention held in the home city of WotC, WizKids AND Cheapass Games would do pretty well. You'd guess right. So here we are, having a great time at Dragonflight, which by a quirk of scheduling turned out to be the first release of Star Munchkin and both X-Bugs sets. So: demos. Which is fun. But I got well and truly munchkined . . . I was ahead of the pack at 8th level. And Great Cthulhu came up. And one of my fellow party members transferred him to ME. And another helpful munchkin put me in a Stasis Field, so I couldn't even run . . . So not only did I die, but Cthulhu's power raised everyone else a level.

It was wonderful, unless you happened to be me at the time.

Con is over as I type this. One day of sightseeing coming up in the lovely Seattle Metroplex, and then it's back home.
-- Steve Jackson

Warehouse 23 News: From the Open Seas to the King's Palace

AEG opens up a new genre to the d20 system with the Swashbuckling Handbook, the first title in their new Swashbuckling Adventures series.

August 25, 2002: A Fitting Tribute

John M. Ford -- co-author of GURPS Time Travel, author of GURPS Traveller: Starports, among others, as well as a frequent poster to the Pyramid discussion groups and a long-time company friend -- has written a poem that everyone should take a few minutes to read.

I'm proud and a little humbled to be sharing the hobby with a man who could create something this stirring. Please do check it out.

-- Andrew Hackard, Managing Editor

Warehouse 23 News: I Know What You Roleplayed Last Summer

Knights of the Dinner Table, Issue 70 and KODT: Illustrated, Issue 14 are now available.

August 24, 2002: Ia! Ia! Plush Cthulhu Fhtagn!

Sure, he's cute and cuddly, but beneath the cushy exterior of Plush Cthulhu beats an otherworldly heart of Pure Cosmic Evil . . . Watch Plush Cthulhu achieve his destiny in this slide show presentation.

-- Scott Haring

Warehouse 23 News: Vignettes to Enrich Your Campaign

Part of the Eden Odyssey line of d20 products, Akrasia: Thief of Time and Wonders Out of Time are vignette sourcebooks perfect for any fantasy campaign.

August 23, 2002: I Think, Therefore They Am

Illuminated Site of the Week: The Global Consciousness Project records thousands of random electronic "coin flips" on computers worldwide to see if the results change when the world undergoes upheaval. We may be able to predict disaster...or our collective emotions may be the cause of them. If this primer is too simple, the GCP has enough information to make your eyes bleed.

-- Suggested by Sebastian Tauchmann

Warehouse 23 News: The Ultimate Superhero Roleplaying Game

Take the new Silver Age Sentinels roleplaying game for a test drive with the Silver Age Sentinels (Tri-Stat) Fast Play Rules.

August 22, 2002: Dragonflight

is a long-running convention in Seattle. It happens this weekend. I'll be there. By the narrowest of margins, so will the newest batch of releases, not even officially shipping yet . . . so Michelle and I will be demonstrating Star Munchkin and the two new X-Bugs sets.

And for those who like to see the unreleased goodies, we'll have the X-Bugs armies that will ship in October . . . and the ones that aren't even completely done yet and will ship sometime next year. We'll also have a nice new playtest set of Chez Greek for all the campus slackers.
-- Steve Jackson

August 21, 2002: Online GURPS

Steve Jackson Games and Worlds Apart Productions today announced an exclusive partnership to develop online games based on GURPS.

“We’ve been wanting to take GURPS online for a long time. Until now, we just hadn’t found the right partner. Worlds Apart understands the importance of taking care of the player community, and we’re excited about what we’re going to be able to do together.

Immediate development plans have not yet been finalized. There won't be just one game . . . there will be many. We're discussing a number of titles, with an emphasis on making the best use of the ability of GURPS to provide a common gameplay foundation for a wide variety of settings.

“There is no richer or more powerful system to use as the basis for an online universe,” said Scott Martins, President of Worlds Apart. “Steve Jackson and Steve Jackson Games are pioneers in the games industry, and we’re honored to be working alongside a company with such an illustrious history.”

The new GURPS Online web page will keep you up to date on what we're doing.
-- Steve Jackson

Warehouse 23 News: When Players Do the Unexpected

The first title in the Common Ground line of d20 products, Churches, Inns, and Merchants features a unique generations system that allows DMs to have a fully detailed church, inn, or merchant, including floor plans and NPCs, in under five minutes.

August 20, 2002: 1920s City Maps

Among the many resources available at the University of Texas Library's Perry-Castaneda Map Collection is this archive of about 100 U.S city roadmaps from around 1920.

This should be a big win for players of GURPS Cliffhangers, Call of Cthulhu, and so on. Enjoy!

Warehouse 23 News: For 1d4+1 Players

The HACK! Card Game lets you take on the persona of one of the Knights of the Dinner Table, each with their own special ability in the game.

August 19, 2002: Announcement Coming

We'll be making an important announcement Tuesday night. Subscribers to any of our magazines can hear about it first - the chat will be at 7:30.

Last time we announced an "important announcement" chat, we had a huge turnout, though many of the people who came didn't agree with us that Hellboy RPG was that much of a big deal. Well, foo . . . I think it was, and I think that now that the book is out, and beautiful, and selling like hotcakes, some of you might agree with me. BUT, be that as it may, here are a few things the chat will NOT be about:

Nevertheless, I think that SJ Games fans will find this discussion to be an interesting one!
-- Steve Jackson

Warehouse 23 News: Take Fantasy Combat to the Next Level

The newest Legends & Lairs title, Path of the Sword includes everything you need for d20 barbarians, fighters, monks, and rangers.

August 18, 2002: Man Conquers Space

"After a decade and a half of successful space initiatives, the United States National Council of Astronautics (made successor to the NACA in 1958) has commissioned a film to document the overwhelming success of America's domination of space exploration.

"In this film, footage of Man's first historic landing on the Moon in 1963, accompanied by the awesome spectacle of the first mission to Mars in 1968 is presented in a startling 27-minute celebration of achievement."

Oh, if it were only true . . .

The Man Conquers Space site . . . and the film in progress . . . show what could have been.

-- Steve Jackson

Warehouse 23 News: Tea with Jågermonster Generals

Girl Genius #6 is now available in Warehouse 23 (along with extra covers).

August 17, 2002: GenCon Post-Mortem: The Summary

Since I was not at GenCon, I've spent the last several days getting reports from those who were, reading online comments, and so on. And here's what I take away from that:

-- Steve Jackson

Warehouse 23 News: Defend the Free World

The Allies Sourcebook for Gear Krieg features the United States, the Commonwealth, and the Soviet Union uniting in the crucible of war against the growing darkness of Facism.

August 16, 2002: Redefining Music

Illuminated Site of the Week: When he first read the dictionary, comedian Steven Wright said he thought it was a poem about everything. Another muse has the reins, however., The Singing Dictionary, uses the audio word pronunciation guides from interactive dictionaries to provide the voices for any number of musical hits (for those who can download the MP3s).

-- Suggested by Blake Smith

Warehouse 23 News: The Kami Await Your Call

A dual-system supplement for the Legend of the Five Rings RPG and Rokugan, Way of the Shugenja reveals the most potent magic of the shugenja families.

August 15, 2002: Sims In Spaaaaace!

If you're a Sims fan, check out It's an ongoing effort, sponsored by the Moon Society, to create a lunar-colony environment for Sims play. There's some cool stuff here, but they need more help!

August 14, 2002: Spamwatch

In the spirit of the Spam Map, I'll report:

A spamhouse sent me junk e-mail three times this week on behalf of Frederick's of Hollywood.

Now, this is not a place where I normally shop . . . :-\

Nevertheless . . . should I ever have the good fortune to be looking for that kind of gift, now I know to buy it someplace else. And I suggest you do the same.

-- Steve Jackson

Warehouse 23 News: Earth Becomes a Nexus

You've played the game, now read the books. The science-fantasy trilogy of Rifts: Sonic Boom, Rifts: Deceptions Web, and Rifts: Treacherous Awakenings brings to life the fantastic world of Rifts.

August 13, 2002: Hellboy Hardcover

Where's the Hellboy RPG hardcover?

Here . . . and gone. Although we printed more than a thousand, that's still a "limited edition" for something as hot as Mignola's Hellboy. We have already shipped our entire stock to the distributors. Most of them have shipped their entire stock to retailers; we printed only to pre-order. Retailers who under-ordered . . . and apparently there were a lot . . . just won't be able to get any more.

If you see it in a store, grab it now, or pay more for it on eBay.

We may, just may, get a few more in Warehouse 23 - as I type this I don't know whether every single hardcover we took to GenCon was sold.
-- Steve Jackson

Warehouse 23 News: An Essential Resource for Historians and Wargamers

The World War II Interactive Atlas provides an interactive, cartographic overview of the events and battles of WWII. You can hide or show units, troop movements, and detail; print any view at any scale; and search through the entire Atlas for related events.

August 12, 2002: New GURPS Character Builder Volunteer

Please welcome Eric Jackson, who is taking over the reins as lead GURPS Character Builder volunteer. His job will be to coordinate beta tests, evaluate user-submitted files, compile bug reports and feature requests, and be the liaison between the programmer and SJ Games.

Eric has a great deal of experience with GCB and with the underlying coding engine, and he's going to be a huge asset to our team. Thanks for coming aboard, Eric!

-- Andrew Hackard, Managing Editor

Warehouse 23 News: Visit Secret Agent R&D

Modern Arms Guide introduces hundreds of modern weapons options to the d20 system, bringing the pyrotechnic action of blockbuster movies right to your gaming table. Contained herein is everything needed for your favorite firearms and melee weapons along with new combat rules.

August 11, 2002: Schedule Shifts

We've had several items drop from the schedule, at least temporarily, in the last couple of months. Here's what's going on:

Car Wars Supplements

Some announced supplements for Car Wars have been pushed back. Fan interest in the Car Wars Vehicle Design System is strong . . . strong enough that (except for the books now at the printers) we're not going to work on anything else until the VDS is out. A lot of people have told us we should have had that product out instantly on the heels of the Starter Sets, if not before. Maybe so. At any rate, all Car Wars effort now is going to the VDS.

Ogre Miniatures

We'll continue to support this line, but for now, new releases will appear only in Warehouse 23. We really need to publish a new edition of the Ogre Miniatures rulebook; I cannot in the least blame our retailers for not emphasizing the Ogre line when the minis rules are not out, but I don't want to reprint the old edition unchanged. I wish I were triplets.


This game was announced a couple of months ago and then quietly vanished from the schedule. Why? Because I found out that ten years ago a game had been done on the same subject with a similar key mechanic. There are lots of differences, but I was uncomfortable with the situation, and I don't have time to GET comfortable right now. So the Tabloids game may not be dead, but it's off the schedule until further notice.
-- Steve Jackson

Warehouse 23 News: Symbols to Floor Them

A supplement for Campaign Cartographer 2, Symbol Set 2: Fantasy Floorplans includes over 1000 amazing new symbols in two distinctive styles.

August 10, 2002: Re: Incarnation

Illuminated Site of the Week: A memo from the desk of the deceased - reincarnation happens, and the Unarius Academy of Science has the proof. Ask James Dean the next time he attunes to this plane.

-- Suggested by William Thrasher

Warehouse 23 News: A Game of Magic and Dark Secrets

WitchCraft is a complete roleplaying game of the Gifted, whose choices will make will determine what the future will hold: the beginning of a new era - or the destruction of all things.

August 9, 2002: Closer And Closer To Car Wars

Seeing is believing. Look at the Viper and its brethren, from Ibis Tek. A no-kidding heavy machine gun, or even a grenade launcher, pops out of what looks like standard Detroit iron. All for defensive purposes, of course.

(Later: Ah, well. We queued this item before the CNN story broke. So we didn't scoop them . . . but their article has some good added information. And proves we're not kidding . . .)

Warehouse 23 News: You've Been Abducted by Aliens

Abduction is a non-collectible card game where the goal is to escape the alien abductors.

August 8, 2002: Milwaukee Notices

An article from the Milwaukee Journal and Sentinel, on Gencon moving to Indianapolis. Apparently the city's convention/visitors bureau is coming to appreciate what they let get away.

Warehouse 23 News: The Gateway to Paradise is Opening

For centuries, the Empire of the Crescent Moon has remained isolated from the rest of Théah - barred by cultural barriers and a fearsome embargo by the Vaticine Church. A thousand years of isolation are coming to an end. The Crescent Empire awaits.

August 7, 2002: Hellboy Now Shipping!

Shipping this week from our warehouse, and appearing in a game store near you in the very, very near future:

Hellboy Sourcebook and Roleplaying Game
Mike Mignola’s Hellboy took the world of comics by storm. Now the “big red guy” enters the world of gaming. The Hellboy Roleplaying Game and Sourcebook is a complete RPG and guide to the world of Hellboy . . . his friends, his foes, his adventures. Players may take the roles of Hellboy and his allies . . . or create new agents of his occult research agency, the Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defense. The book will feature a brand new Hellboy story by Christopher Golden. The authors are Phil Masters (GURPS Atlantis, GURPS Discworld) and Jonathan Woodward (GURPS Ogre). This will be a “Powered by GURPS” release, with the basic GURPS system integrated into the text. Best of all, it will be full-color throughout, full of great Hellboy art, with a new Mike Mignola cover!

208 pages. Stock #8111, ISBN 1-55634-654-9. $24.95.

Hellboy Sourcebook and Roleplaying Game (Hardcover)
A limited-edition hardcover version of the Hellboy RPG. Foil stamping on the front cover shows the Hellboy logo and the Right Hand of Doom.

Hardback, 208 pages. Stock #8112, ISBN 1-55634-684-0. $49.95.

Warehouse 23 News: What's Your Excuse?

Management Material is the non-collectible card game of cubicle denizens where the only way to win is to remain a corporate peon.

August 6, 2002: Interstellar Wars: A New Direction For Traveller

Steve Jackson Games is pleased to announce that its license to produce a GURPS version of the classic science-fiction roleplaying game Traveller has been extended for another three years. By agreement with Far Future Enterprises, the GURPS Traveller line, as well as the online Journal of the Travellers' Aid Society, will continue at least through the end of 2005.

The new license also gives SJ Games the right to open up a new period in the distant past of the classic Third Imperium setting. Long before the foundation of the Imperium, the Humans of Terra reached the stars for the first time, only to find that they were already owned by someone else. Centuries of conflict followed, in which the outnumbered Terrans fought for their very survival against a vast but decadent alien empire. Now GURPS Traveller will examine this crucial time. The first release in the new line, GURPS Traveller: The Interstellar Wars, is tentatively scheduled for a Summer 2003 release.

“The Interstellar Wars have always been of great interest to Traveller fans,” said GURPS Traveller Line Editor Jon F. Zeigler. “It’s very exciting to have the opportunity to develop this period into a setting for epic adventure.” Marc Miller, creator of Traveller, agreed. “I’m excited about opening a new milieu. There’s room for a lot of new things here.”

Senior Line Editor Loren Wiseman, long-time Traveller author and editor, remains at the helm of the GURPS Traveller product line. He is assisted by Zeigler, and by Graeme Davis, editor of the Journal of the Travellers' Aid Society (JTAS).

Warehouse 23 News: Metal Munchkins

The six individual Munchkin miniatures are now available.

August 5, 2002: With A Little Help From His Friends

See, you don't even have to BUILD with Lego to use it creatively.

This page is getting so many hits the provider is having problems. I guess I'm not helping any :-)
-- Steve Jackson

Warehouse 23 News: Midnight in the Garden of Lawful Good and Chaotic Evil

Revel in the glory of geekdom with Heart of Dorkness, the third collection of Dork Tower comic books.

August 4, 2002: Phil Reports From ComicCon

Phil Reed is at Comic Con in San Diego . . . and here's what's going on.

Here it is Saturday morning at San Diego Comic Con and, as usual, I'm awake before anyone else. Being away from home is hardest on me early in the mornings, when I need to be quieter than I like so that I don't wake my sleeping roommates. So I'll quietly write this report. Our big splash at the show has been the brand new Hellboy Sourcebook and Roleplaying Game. It's been an astounding success so far, with copies going hand over fist the first "preview" night of the show, and then again on Thursday right before the huge signing session with Mike Mignola, Ron Perlman, and Guillermo del Toro. Those guys took off Thursday night to get working on the anxiously awaited Hellboy movie, leaving the rest of us to our common, dull lives.

But life doesn't stay dull for long here. I've had countless meetings and encounters (both for business and fun) with such great artists as Ashley Wood (who was good enough to make sure I walked away with a copy of his new book, dos FANTA, which I've reviewed on my personal website) and Jon Foster (who showed me his latest Star Wars cover and then agonized over the fact that I didn't have copies of his forthcoming Cartouche Press book, Progressions, with me. And George Pratt, John Van Fleet, John Zeleznik, Christopher Shy, and so many others that I just can‚t remember them now (sorry, guys!) were all willing to spend a few moments with me going over possible future projects and talk about how much larger the convention was this year.

And larger it was indeed! My guess is that the success of the Spider-Man movie this last year is what drove so many BIG people to the show. Several studios were sniffing around the show for the next big thing, and I was lucky enough to be tracked down by the Lucas Licensing division so that we could have an enjoyable chat about a few things. No, I can't discuss them now.

I also met with Jordan Weisman (yes, the creator of Mage Knight . . . among other things) whose WizKids Games booth was selling the not-supposed-to-be-available DC HeroClix game (of which I happily partook). Larry Elmore chatted away about some of his own upcoming projects including one he'll have at GenCon next week that should excite several smaller publishers (and some larger ones). Kevin Schmitt, Lead Level Designer for LucasArts, wanted to discuss some of their dream projects (and again, I'm not allowed to say anything).

John Kovalic and I went over some of our various in-progress projects (and some of our own dream projects) and took some time to wander the show meeting people. We met a surprising number of people who were looking for the Hellboy RPG. I directed them to the booth (including people from Games Workshop who are now starting a campaign, a few toy manufacturers, and one game designer who asked to remain nameless).

Late last night came the best news of the show for my good buddies at Adventure Retail. Jerry Corrick knocked on my door to let me know that they had just won the Eisner Award. Wow! To have your comic store (The Source Comics and Games) chosen as an Eisner winner is an amazing honor that had them completely floored.

If you're at the show, look for me. If I'm not at the Adventure Retail booth, those award-winning retailers will probably know where to find me. If they aren't too busy posing for the paparazzi.

–Phil Reed

Warehouse 23 News: Return to the Land of the Damned

Written for Palladium Fantasy, the land of Eternal Torment is the place where the worst of the worst are condemned to walk the earth as the living dead.

August 3, 2002: November Releases Announced

Here's what we have on tap for you in the month of November:

Chez Greek
Panty raids. Hazing. Many, many kegs. And, of course, beer, sleep, and nookie.

It's the hit Chez Geek, moved to a frat house. (Or sorority. Or both.) Pick your major. (Botany? Babes? Beer?) Tap a keg or two. Party hard, and try not to think about Finals Week.

Chez Greek is completely compatible with the original game, with a few little twists to keep things interesting. (Are we really going to include drinking and strip rules? Wait and see.)

112 cards plus rules. Stock #1352, ISBN 1-55634-690-5. $16.95.

Cardboard Heroes Castles Set 1
Put a castle in your backpack!

Cardboard Heroes Castles are great-looking 3-D structures that fold up for play, and fold down again for travel and storage! They're heavy cardstock, but they're die-cut and pre-scored to make them easy to build, and they're designed to fold and unfold without damage.

This set continues the Cardboard Heroes tradition of great miniatures and accessories at a low price. Each set gives you four towers and four walls (plus assorted castle goodies) -- set them up as a full castle or two smaller strongpoints. And you can add sets to make your fortress the envy of the surrounding kingdoms!

Cardboard Heroes Castles Set 1 are full-color (of course), gorgeous, and totally portable. When the game's over, just fold 'em up and go!

16 die-cut cardboard pages plus instructions. Stock #2150, ISBN 1-55634-695-6. $24.95.

Munchkin d20 Munchkin Master's Guide
Munchkin. It's not just for players any more.

What can a Munchkin d20 GM do? Whatever he wants. Player annoys you? Kill him. Or change his sex. Or turn him into a Canada goose. Go all the way and turn him into a dead sex-changed Canada goose. No one can stop you.

When you're the GM, the rules are only suggestions. So the Munchkin d20 Munchkin Master's Guide is 48 pages of evil suggestions: magic items, prestige classes, NPCs, a few special monsters . . .

It's GOOD to be the GM.

48 pages, hardcover. Stock #3402, ISBN 1-55634-668-9. $14.95.

GURPS Assassins
Some do it for hate. Some have a Higher Purpose. And some are just in it for the money.

GURPS Assassins is an in-depth look at political killers and paid hit men . . . their weapons, their methods, their employers, and the people who try to stop them.

This book is usable with any campaign, from prehistory to futuristic. The assassin will always be nearby . . . closer than you think.

48 pages. Stock #6544, ISBN 1-55634-634-4. $11.95.

GURPS Traveller: Humaniti
In the far future, mankind has scattered to many worlds and divided into many races . . . and some are very alien, despite their Human ancestry. GURPS Traveller: Humaniti describes 13 Human-descended races from the far reaches of the Imperium and beyond, including the technologically advanced Darrians (with their sun-smashing Star-Trigger), the carnivorous Dynchia, the dour warrior Azhanti, and the aggressive Itharans. Compiled by Loren Wiseman, this book is a valuable resource for any GURPS Traveller campaign.

128 pages. Stock #6623, ISBN 1-55634-521-6. $22.95.

Transhuman Space: Deep Beyond
The Deep Beyond is the solar system's final frontier. A vast zone stretching from the asteroid belt to the edge of interstellar space, its siren call has drawn researchers, pioneers, visionaries -- and outlaws. Transhuman Space: Deep Beyond includes:

144 pages. Stock #6703, ISBN 1-55634-586-0. $24.95.

GURPS Blue Planet
Prepare for a compelling journey into humanity's future on a distant planet where life is hard and dying is easy. A world where GEO Marshals enforce the peace and wired mercs patrol deep waters in deadly fighter subs. A place where corporate greed and human desperation ravage an alien ecology, threatening to plunge humanity into a war of survival with an ancient legacy.

Welcome to the world of Blue Planet.

Blue Planet was a groundbreaking, critically acclaimed RPG when it was first released, and it is still a thought-provoking science-fiction classic today. Now, Blue Planet comes to GURPS! Jon Zeigler (GURPS Traveller Line Editor) and William Stoddard (GURPS Steampunk, Steam-Tech, and Low-Tech) combine on this faithful adaptation of one of the most original roleplaying worlds of the last few years to one of the strongest systems ever.

128 pages. Stock #6721, ISBN 1-55634-588-7. $22.95.

GURPS Deadlands: Varmints
Look out, pardner! GURPS Deadlands: Varmints has dozens of new monsters ready to make your trail ride a trip through Hell! Featuring conversions of all the nastiest fiends and beasties from the original Deadlands game, as well as all-new critters with both GURPS and Deadlands stats, GURPS Deadlands: Varmints will give your posse nightmares for a long, long time . . .

128 pages. Stock #6762, ISBN 1-55634-608-5. $22.95.

Progressions: The Art of Jon Foster
Jon Foster's art is dark, beautiful, and visually overpowering. From his Dark Horse Comics' Star Wars covers to his game industry work on Dungeons & Dragons Third Edition and Alternity, Foster always knows how to move the soul of the viewer. Progressions features a selection of Foster's paintings, sketches, and illustrations and is a must have for anyone who has ever admired art.

Hardcover, 80 full-color pages. Stock #60-1009, ISBN 1-55634-626-3. $26.95.

Warehouse 23 News: Land of the Overpower

Atlas Games expands its d20 offerings with the unique fantasy setting of Nyambe: African Adventures.

August 2, 2002: Striking From The Shadows

Illuminated Site of the Week: If you want to be a master assassin, go to Master Ninja and get your first assignment. They won't ask you to liquidate anyone, but hey, everyone's gotta start somewhere.

-- Suggested by Michael McDowell

Warehouse 23 News: Of Gods and Henchmen

Join Nodwick and his adventuring companions as they begin an epic journey to save everyone from the clutches of an icky-bad naughty-stinko god named Baphuma'al. The Nodwick Chronicles II collects Nodwick issues 7-12.

August 1, 2002: Hellboy Rocks!

Today did not start off well. I started yesterday on only two hours of sleep, and made it through the day on coffee. Thought I would be going home after playtest (which was fun; we tried two new X-Bugs armies that might become December or January releases, and I won. My tiddlywink fu is strong.)

So it's 7pm and I think I can go home. Wrong. Monica is working on the quarterly royalties, which have been consuming her last few days . . . but the program is misbehaving . . . and I can't go home until there's a stack of royalty reports for me to check and letters to sign.

And around midnight we drag out of here with the letters STILL undone because Filemaker Pro has choked and died. Or something. (And as I write this, it's still not fixed; fortunately she got the actual reports done and checked before the crash.)

So when I got home I was quite the mobile disaster area. And then couldn't sleep. But had to get up this morning anyway. Euw.

And then things got better. The sample copies of the Hellboy RPG, both regular and limited hardcover, are in. And they are wonderful. Absolutely wonderful. The original edition of In Nomine has just been knocked off its perch; Hellboy is now the most beautiful thing we've ever done.

Big congratulations to Phil Reed . . . who, ironically, is not here to see it, because he's on his way to San Diego for ComicCon. But he'll see them tonight or tomorrow. Congratulations also to the authors . . . this book reads very well . . . but the thing that knocks your socks off is the LOOK of it. Inside and out, first page to last, it's a beautiful book.

All of a sudden the day is much better . . .
-- Steve Jackson

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