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October 31, 2002: So You Want An Underground Adventure?

In the early 19th century, the wealthy Joseph Williamson hired many, many men and set them to digging beneath Liverpool. No one knows exactly why. But the huge tunnel system they created is now being explored. What mysteries could have been hidden there, nearly 200 years ago? What might be there now?

Here's the BBC story.

Warehouse 23 News: A Deadly Hunger Lies in Wait

Lean & Hungry is a Japanese-analog d20 fantasy scenario that pits the heroes against a corrupt alchemist and her undead minions.

October 30, 2002: Star Munchkin Review On SciFi.Com

The new Star Munchkin was the "A" pick in's latest batch of reviews. As you can see, they like it . . . Munchkins forever!

Warehouse 23 News: Girls' Night Out

The steam-punk adventures of madgirl Agatha Clay continue in Girl Genius Issue 7.

October 29, 2002: Another Use For AOL Coasters

Robert Herneson tells us, "Personally, I like it when AOL sends me a free CD." Here's what he does with them. Does the base shape look a tiny bit familiar?

Warehouse 23 News: Now in Glorious Full Color

The full-color Lord of the Fries Special Edition contains the menu from the original game, as well as six new menus and all the extra ingredients they use.

October 28, 2002: This Assumes You Don't Need More Coasters

Jim McKenna and John Lieberman are fed up with getting AOL CDs in the mail, and at the movies, and in their breakfast cereal . . . so they're planning to do something about it. Currently, their evil plan is around 7% complete.

Read the CNN story, and then check out their website to find out how you can donate.

Warehouse 23 News: Lovecraft's Masterful Tale

Dunwich: Return to the Forgotten Village begins with the "The Dunwich Horror" short story and then expands upon it with extensive information about the town, including statistics and gameplay notes for Call of Cthulhu d20.

October 27, 2002: More Roleplaying Goodies

Brian Scriber has given us two neat little GM aids which are now posted for your use: the Gem Detailer and the Weather Generator.

And thanks to Walter Milliken, PDF versions of Mook's Game Aids have been added to the GURPS resource page. with the Word versions.

Warehouse 23 News: A Sports Game With Attitude

Fightball is the new real-time full-color card game from Cheapass Games, featuring fast action, great artwork, and highly strategic game play.

October 26, 2002: They Won't Stay Dead

Illuminated Site of the Week: We offered you protection in the form of Zombie Alert, an alarm that sounds in the presence of the shambling undead. Should you need more convincing, The Federal Vampire & Zombie Agency will give you some idea of the extent of this threat. This is not a drill, people.

-- From Multiple Submissions

Warehouse 23 News: A Land of Contrast and Conflict

Blood & Sand is the indispensable guide to the Ars Magica Hermetic Tribunal of the Levant.

October 25, 2002: Job Openings

This is our current wish list for more staff. Note that we can’t possibly fill all these as full-time positions. However, each of them could be part-time, and a candidate who could do two of these jobs well and thus be full-time would be very interesting to us. For more info, see our job opportunities page.

Print Buyer

Our current print buyer is massively overworked. We would love to find someone with print buying experience. Failing that, we could train someone who started with strong communication and negotiating skills (frighten the printers but don’t kill them), proven administrative abilities, and a love for the printed word.


No conventional “marketing type” has done well for us in the past decade, and few even make it past the interview any more. Our idea of a marketer would be a gamer with good communication skills and both the talent and the patience for administration (e.g., actually remembering to place the ads is considered more important than running around the building telling everyone your ideas). And we actually have somebody like that in mind, but he’s not available yet. So maybe this shouldn’t even be included in the listing, but it is.


Sage is webmastering AND sysadminning AND doing in-house tech support. A webmaster type with skills in Photoshop would not be amiss. We are aware that everybody and his dog is in the “web design” business these days, and we are not looking for a web “designer,” but an efficient and picky web maintainer and troubleshooter, especially one who knows a bit of perl.


We need another in-house editor. We are somewhat picky about our editors’ technical and practical English skills. In fact, we make the average tenure committee look slipshod. An effective editor here will also be well versed in the arts and sciences, and will know more than the outlines of history. After all, roleplaying is about everything in the world.

The successful candidate will be able to explain why “spell checker” is a bad term, but will never forget to use one.

Warehouse 23 News: Cold As Hell

The Great Weird North is a regional sourcebook for Deadlands and Deadlands d20 covering Canada and Alaska and the weird things that live there.

October 24, 2002: Doom In Space

John Carmack, the co-founder of Id Software, is plowing some of his game money into an effort to send the first manned reusable civilian craft into space. Here's the CNN story.

October 23, 2002: Wrath

Sometimes the simple pleasures are the best.

Smite, smite, SMITE!

Warehouse 23 News: A Game for 3-6 Losers

Freeloader is a Cheapass board game about cashing in favors to borrow tons of stuff. You and your friends are seasoned freeloaders who have descended on an unsuspecting neighborhood of genuinely nice people.

October 22, 2002: Teralogos News

Teralogos News is a new weekly news page for the Transhuman Space world -- similar to the popular Traveller News Service for GURPS Traveller.

Teralogos is the largest news agency in the Transhuman Space world, known for its sharp, hard-hitting newsbytes. Each story will illuminate some aspect of the Transhuman Space setting, to provide inspiration and background color for GMs and players.

We have a staff of news correspondents whose names may be familar: Transhuman Space authors Jamais Cascio, Jurgen Hubert, Phil Masters, Kenneth Peters, Patrick Sweeney, and Jon Zeigler have all contributed stories which will appear in upcoming weeks.

Warehouse 23 News: A Must-Have Tool

The unique Common Ground generation system for d20 returns with three new sites: Guard Towers, Thieves Guilds, and Private Clubs.

October 21, 2002: Now Shipping!

Here's the latest batch of gaming goodness, direct from the ever-lovin' ovens of Steve Jackson Games to you . . . well, actually, direct to distributors, who send them to your local game store . . . uh, you get the idea. Look for these babies soon:

X-Bugs Set 3: Chitinians vs. Sovietoptera (Red/Green)
X-Bugs is a unique new game, combining luck, skill, and strategy. Your armies are microscopic mutated monsters. The Chitinians are a hungry swarm from outer space. The heroic Sovietoptera have come from Russia to protect the motherland! It's alien appetites versus Red ants . . .

Each bug is represented by a plastic chip. Flip the chips to attack . . . practice helps! Each type of bug has a special power to attack or defend . . . learn how to use them and lead your army to victory!

For two players; playing time is less than an hour.

AND . . . these armies come in two versions. Set 3 has red Chitinians and green Sovietoptera chips. Set 4 has black Chitinians and light green Sovietoptera. With both sets, you can play a 4-player game, or fight a war between two armies of the same type.

And you can fight either of these armies against the original X-Bugs sets, the Flyborgs and USArthropods . . . or play a mass battle!

X-BUGS and all imagery © and TM Nexus Editrice srl.

Boxed game, with 6 large dice, rules, and lots of chips and stickers. Stock #1405, ISBN 1-55634-550-X. $24.95.

X-Bugs Set 4: Chitinians vs. Sovietoptera (Black/Light Green)
X-Bugs is a unique new game, combining luck, skill, and strategy. Your armies are microscopic mutated monsters. The Chitinians are a hungry swarm from outer space. The heroic Sovietoptera have come from Russia to protect the motherland! It's alien appetites versus Red ants . . .

Each bug is represented by a plastic chip. Flip the chips to attack . . . practice helps! Each type of bug has a special power to attack or defend . . . learn how to use them and lead your army to victory!

For two players; playing time is less than an hour.

AND . . . these armies come in two versions. Set 3 has red Chitinians and green Sovietoptera chips. Set 4 has black Chitinians and light green Sovietoptera. With both sets, you can play a 4-player game, or fight a war between two armies of the same type.

And you can fight either of these armies against the original X-Bugs sets, the Flyborgs and USArthropods . . . or play a mass battle!

X-BUGS and all imagery © and TM Nexus Editrice srl.

Boxed game, with 6 large dice, rules, and lots of chips and stickers. Stock #1406, ISBN 1-55634-694-8. $24.95.

Transhuman Space Hardback
In the last decade of the 21st century, advanced biotech and interplanetary colonization have transformed our solar system into a setting as exciting and alien as any interstellar empire. Pirate spaceships hijacking black holes . . . sentient computers and artificial "bioroids" demanding human rights . . . nanotechnology and mind control. Transhuman Space is the core book of the new "hard" science fiction series created by David Pulver and written by the top GURPS authors. The hardback edition includes the GURPS Lite rules, and is a complete stand-alone RPG.

Hardcover, 240 pages, full color. Stock #6708, ISBN 1-55634-454-6. $36.95.

Hellboy Villains Miniatures
For every hero, there is a villain. And when the hero is Mike Mignola's Hellboy, the villains get pretty strange!

This set, sculpted by Richard Kerr, includes:

Five pewter figures in a reusable plastic box. Stock #14-0202, ISBN 1-55634-692-1. $24.95.

GURPS Traveller 25th Anniversary LEH
This special edition of the GURPS Traveller core book is limited to pre-orders (750 copies). The cover is black bonded leather, foil stamped with the GURPS Traveller 25th-anniversary seal. A special full-color art page is bound into the front, individually signed by Marc Miller, Loren Wiseman, and Steve Jackson.

Foil-stamped hardcover, 176 pages plus full-color signature page. Stock #80-1006, ISBN 1-55634-683-2. $49.95.

Warehouse 23 News: They Are the Agency's Secret Weapons

The Spycraft Soldier/Wheelman Class Guide greatly expands the character options available for combat- and chase-oriented agents.

October 20, 2002: Changes In Geekville

We are now officially out of Chez Geek 2: Slack Attack and Chez Geek 3: Block Party, the two expansions to Chez Geek. While we plan to bring them back eventually, it won't happen right away, because Chez Greek will be shipping in November, and another new game in the series will appear in February. No, we're not telling you the name yet, but like Chez Greek, it will be a stand-alone game in a new setting . . . and it can also be combined with Chez Geek.

At any rate: we no longer have Slack Attack and Block Party in Warehouse 23. So if you've been planning to get either one, hit your friendly local game stores NOW, before THEY sell out too.

Warehouse 23 News: Historically Accurate

Palladium's Weapons, Armor & Castles of the Orient is designed for use with any game system.

October 19, 2002: Transhuman Space Alliance Calculator

Here is a neat new tool for Transhuman Space fans. Created by JHG Hendricks, the Alliance Calculator lets you determine the power of any possible lineup of nations in the TS future. Neat toy; take a look.

Warehouse 23 News: Fear What Appears To Be Normal

The first expansion for When Darkness Comes, The Horror Within focuses on the world of shape shifters and features additional rules, scenarios, map tiles, and miniatures.

October 18, 2002: Meaty As A Hatter

Illuminated Site of the Week: There's a new breed of hamerdasher in the fashion world. To see their work, check out Hats of Meat. Mad cow disease may not be limited to quadrupeds.

-- Suggested by Steve

Warehouse 23 News: Cloves, Absinthe, Eyeliner, Boots

Gother Than Thou is a card game of backstabbing and betrayal set within the gothic community.

October 17, 2002: WotC Finalists Announced

WotC has announced the three finalists in their much promoted $100,000 setting search contest. Here's their press release.

Warehouse 23 News: Learn to Paint

The Pro Paint - Armor and Fur boxed beginner set includes an instruction booklet, two figures, two brushes, and nine paints.

October 16, 2002: A Front-Row Seat For The Red Planet

Sixteen students will have a chance to watch two Mars rovers in action . . . from Mission Control. They will be the winners of an essay contest sponsored by NASA, The Planetary Society, and LEGO. See the Houston Chronicle story here.

Warehouse 23 News: The Game of (Un)fortunate Accidents

You are cordially invited to Mausoleum, a simply smashing little party game in which your unlucky heirs meet with horrible accidents as you race to build the largest mausoleum.

October 15, 2002: Here We Go Again

I was composing a scathing comment about the media dimwits who are trying to link the sniper attacks to video games . . . but Penny Arcade scathed them first and better. Read the commentary, then follow the link above it to the comic.
-- Steve Jackson

Warehouse 23 News: Keep Track of 2003 with Style

The BESM 2003 Fantasy Anime Calendar features the full-color fantasy art of Niko Geyer and includes complete BESM stats for each illustration.

October 14, 2002: Furry Ogres? Not Exactly.

Two great tastes that you never expected to go together: furry art and Ogre. Thank Bill 'Star-Gazer' Kuelbs for this unexpected combination . . . here's his Furries of the Last War gallery on

Warehouse 23 News: A Compelling Journey Into Humanity's Future

The Blue Planet Moderator's Guide has be reprinted as a softcover. It has the same page count and contents, but with a lower price.

October 13, 2002: More GURPS Aids Posted

Take a look at the GURPS Resources page. We've just posted a batch of new PDFs . . . basic GURPS forms that you can download and print instead of photocopying from your book.

And on the GURPS Lite page, you can now download both the Transhuman Space and GURPS WWII incarnations of the basic 32-page guide to GURPS.

Warehouse 23 News: Break the Stalemate

For the Heavy Gear RPG, Inner Space: Life on Atlantis details a world locked in conflict with CEF, where even the slightest mistake can spell instant death.

October 12, 2002: GURPS Traveller Limited Edition Hardcover

The GURPS Traveller 25th-Year Anniversary Limited Edition Hardcover is finally out and is about to ship to distributors. The good news: It's beautiful. It has a black faux-leather cover, stamped in red and gold foil with the Imperial sunburst on the front and the GURPS Traveller 25-Year seal on the back. A special flyleaf has a full-color Jesse deGraff illustration, and is individually signed by Marc Miller, Loren Wiseman, and Steve Jackson.

The bad news: This project was a serious challenge from day one. Everything had to be juuuuust right . . . and getting it right sometimes took multiple tries. The printing process ate a lot of the books, too, so only 610 (plus ten more Roman-numeraled presentation copies) were actually made. We'd planned for 750. So it goes.

This book is available through Warehouse 23 and the regular retail chain, but it won't last long, so if you want it, grab. Copy #1 is coming up in the auction, too; it will be Lot 520.
-- Steve Jackson

Warehouse 23 News: The Chaosium System

Basic Roleplaying: The Chaosium System is an introductory roleplaying game for beginners. It features an excellent, time-tested game system, easily-understood rules, many examples of play, and a fun introductory scenario.

October 11, 2002: Forgetting To Change The Batteries Would Be Embarrassing

Illuminated Site of the Week: Onko has your best interests at heart - which, by extension, means your brains. Zombie Alert is guaranteed to warn of impending zombie attacks. The statistics Onko presents are frightening, but the company has a million-dollar guarantee on its products. Protect your family today, or just get a head start on them.

-- Suggested by William Thrasher

Warehouse 23 News: Spies, Assassins, Traitors, Villains, and Worse

The Black Book sourcebook for Conspiracy X, The Hand Unseen takes players inside Aegis' major rival, the National Defense Directorate (NDD).

October 10, 2002: The Visible Barbie Project

We could have gone a long time without knowing about this. But now we've seen it, and we have to share. Aren't you grateful?

Warehouse 23 News: Agatha Heterodyne and the Beetleburg Clank

Girl Genius Book One Hardcover compiles the first three issues of the steampunk fantasy comic book from Studio Foglio and adds a brand-new full-color short story.

October 9, 2002: Illuminati Variants

Here's one for the Illuminati fans. Walter O'Hara posted a number of variants on ComsimWorld. Al Gore has the glowing grape juice and visits North Dakota. Fnord.

Warehouse 23 News: Four Angry Men

Knights of the Dinner Table, Issue 71 is now available.

October 8, 2002: Pasts That Never Were

If you like alternate histories, check out Uchronia . . . the definitive guide to what might have been, and when, and why.

Warehouse 23 News: Bonds of Love and Friendship

The Trigun Ultimate Fan Guide Vol. 2 covers the second half (episodes 14-26) of the popular anime series.

October 7, 2002: Assemble Assemble Assemble

Those inconsiderate people in the sales department and Warehouse 23 keep on selling Star Munchkin - so we have to make more. Another 6,000 boxes just came off the truck, and will now be filled up with munchkinly foolishness. Guess I should hurry up and finish the next Munchkin game to take the pressure off . . .
-- Steve Jackson

Warehouse 23 News: The House Rules

With its adaptable, flexible systems, Fuzion: Core Rules allows you to mix settings, bend genres, even shift between campaigns without losing a beat.

October 6, 2002: Kitten With A . . . Axe?

We really don't know quite what to make of this, but we thought we'd share. (You need Flash to view it.)

So why are we inflicting this on you? Well, it gives us a chance to plug the forthcoming new edition of GURPS Vikings, which is never a bad idea . . . though we note that the helmets in the animation are not historically accurate.

Besides, we never knew the lyrics to "The Immigrant Song" before . . .

Warehouse 23 News: Impure Souls of the Living Dead

The Hellsing Ultimate Fan Guide Vol. 1 cover the first six episodes of the anime, in which the mysterious Hellsing Organization deploys within the shadows to protect ordinary mortals from the undead legions.

October 5, 2002: Ogre Mk. VI

The long-awaited Mk. IV will be available very soon . . . and Richard is already working on the biggest Ogre of all, the mighty Mk. VI. Some preliminary drawings:

Warehouse 23 News: Customizable GM Screen

MasterScreen is a traditional tri-fold GM screen constructed of durable vinyl with a rigid chipboard interior, featuring clear plastic (non-stick) pockets on each face (six total) that are specially designed to allow for easy customization.

October 4, 2002: We're Going To Need A Bigger File

Illuminated Site of the Week: The evidence mounts against mind-controlling neuro-electromagnetic technology as Eleanor White has her say at Freedom Isn't Free.

-- Suggested by Blake Smith

October 3, 2002: Find A Fellow Munchkin

It was recently called to our attention that our Gamer Finder did not list Munchkin as an option.

Does now!

Warehouse 23 News: You Can't Keep a Good Shirt Down

Due to overwhelming popular demand, the Goth T-Shirt has returned (and we have it in small this time).

October 2, 2002: Introducing Justin De Witt

Our new Production Artist is Justin De Witt. Asked to describe himself, he told us:

"I graduated from Western Washington University (in Washington State) with a BA in Graphic Design and Illustration. Since then I've worked as an animator, graphic designer, illustrator and web developer. I've worked for Humongous Entertainment in Washington (a children's software developer), Top Drawer Productions, and Human Code here in Austin, both unfortunately no longer with us.

"I play bass guitar in a garage band and have a fondness for giant robots that goes beyond anything natural. I'm a bit of a motorhead when it comes to cars and I race in autocrosses occasionally, but I've decided to use my powers for good for now.

Measurements: Bigger than a bread-box.
Turn ons: Monkeys, giant robots, spaceships, and British humor
Turn offs: Mean people, being eaten by sharks, and mathematics.

Warehouse 23 News: Are You Ready to Join the Elite?

Power and Privilege is the Rosicrusian Covenant supplement for the WitchCraft roleplaying game.

October 1, 2002: January Releases!

Steve Jackson Games is pleased to announce the following releases for January, 2003:

Munchkin Level Counter
You've been telling us that Munchkin deserves its own level counter. Here it is!

The Super Munchkin with his chainsaw stands atop a metal disc showing levels 1 through 10. And if you want to play to higher levels . . . or if you're playing Some Other Game . . . flip the disc over for levels 11-20!

Use it as is or paint it to please your own munchkinly tastes.

Bonus! Includes new "Epic Munchkin" rules . . . for longer, wilder games full of really VILE Munchkining . . . and two BLANK Munchkin cards to customize your game!

Metal level counter. Stock #1413, ISBN 1-55634-700-6. $9.95.

Munchkin d20 Munchkin Master's Guide
Munchkin. It's not just for players any more.

What can a Munchkin d20 GM do? Whatever he wants. Player annoys you? Kill him. Or change his sex. Or turn him into a Canada goose. Go all the way and turn him into a dead sex-changed Canada goose. No one can stop you.

When you're the GM, the rules are only suggestions. So the Munchkin d20 Munchkin Master's Guide is 48 pages of evil suggestions: magic items, prestige classes, NPCs, a few special monsters . . .

It's GOOD to be the GM.

48 pages, hardcover. Stock #3402, ISBN 1-55634-668-9. $14.95.

GURPS Uplift 2/e
Of the thousands of races in a galaxy full of aliens, ours is the only one that claims to have evolved on its own, without genetic engineering by a Patron species. With its own new clients -- genetically modified dolphins and chimpanzees -- upstart mankind faces a jealous universe. The ancient Patron clans can't decide whether to enslave the races of Terra . . . or just wipe them out.

The Galactics have wealth, power, and incredible technology. The people of Earth have guts, originality and a handful of allies . . . and they won't give up.

This is the universe created by David Brin for his award-winning "Uplift" series. GURPS Uplift includes complete descriptions of the important alien races, maps and descriptions of the Terragens planets, and rules for creating -- and Uplifting -- new species.

This new edition has been updated to cover the races and developments of the "Uplift Storm" trilogy!

160 pages. Stock #6035, ISBN 1-55634-427-9. $26.95.

Transhuman Space: Deep Beyond
The Deep Beyond is the solar system's final frontier. A vast zone stretching from the asteroid belt to the edge of interstellar space, its siren call has drawn researchers, pioneers, visionaries -- and outlaws. Transhuman Space: Deep Beyond includes:

144 pages. Stock #6703, ISBN 1-55634-586-0. $24.95.

Progressions: The Art of Jon Foster
Jon Foster's art is dark, beautiful, and visually overpowering. From his Dark Horse Comics' Star Wars covers to his game industry work on Dungeons & Dragons Third Edition and Alternity, Foster always knows how to move the soul of the viewer. Progressions features a selection of Foster's paintings, sketches, and illustrations and is a must have for anyone who has ever admired art.

Hardcover, 80 full-color pages. Stock #60-1009, ISBN 1-55634-626-3. $26.95.

Cthulhu Valentines
Eight cards for those you love in the worst way! Want to celebrate Valentine's Day . . . differently? Your loved ones will appreciate these Horror-themed Valentine cards. And if not, you can just build some NEW loved ones. Eight envelopes are included in the set. Each card has an illustration by a different top fantasy artist, including Ashley Wood, Bill Koeb, Jason Felix, and John Kovalic . . . and a macabre but heartfelt slogan. We think Lovecraft would approve. Give them to your friends, or save them to gloat over!

Eight cards, with envelopes, boxed. Stock #60-2004, ISBN 1-55634-612-3. $19.95.

Warehouse 23 News: Top 10 for September

Check out Warehouse 23's best selling items for September on the Warehouse 23 Top 10 page.

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