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April 1, 2011: Munchkin ________

Some of the most consistently-strong sellers in Warehouse 23 are the packs of blank cards for the various Munchkin games. We've had many requests to find ways to make them available in retail stores, and we decided: why stop at cards? So we've created Munchkin ________, the do-it-yourself Munchkin game. It has 168 blank cards (in whatever mix of Doors and Treasures you want!), a blank d6, and a blank six-page rulesheet.

The best part is, it's completely compatible with all other Munchkin sets and totally legal for tournament play!

Suggested retail price is $24.99, as with all other Munchkin games. We expect it to go on sale on June 31, 2011.

Also watch for The Good, the Bad, and the Munchkin 2 -- Beating a Dead Horse, Munchkin Impossible 2 -- Munchkins Are Forever, and the Munchkin Zombies Sherpa coming out later in 2011.

-- Andrew Hackard

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