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April 1, 2017: Announcing Munchkin Gazeb-O's, Part Of A Balanced Breakfast!

Tired of the same old morning routine? Then kick down the door, fight the monster, and eat a balanced breakfast with Munchkin Gazeb-O's

Munchkin Gazeb-O's

These fruity oat loops are full of the real treasure: fiber and nutrients! Energize for a day of dungeon delving and monster bashing with a tasty breakfast that stays crunchy, even in milk. You can't have soggy cereal if you expect to get to level 10! It's a treasure chest of flavor, ready for you to loot. 

Plus, each box contains one randomly inserted, cereal-themed Munchkin promo card! Collect all 200! 

Look for Munchkin Gazeb-O's at your friendly local cereal aisle soon. Don't share with your friends, though. You have to eat the Munchkin Gazeb-O's alone! 

-- Hunter Shelburne

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