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April 2, 2022: We've Got A New Hack & Slash Expansion, And You Can Play It At FnordCon!

Our light family fantasy adventure game, Hack & Slash, is now in its second printing, and we're assembling its first expansion – including new quest cards and a new type of card: treasures! Although the expansion won't be ready for release until late this year, those of you who attend our FnordCon convention the end of April will get the chance to play the expansion early. The art is complete, the layout is almost finished, and we're going to have more news about the game's expansion (planned as a small crowdfunding campaign  and yes, the core game will be offered in the expansion's crowdfunding project) at FnordCon.

If you already have a copy of the first printing of Hack & Slashplease don't miss the solo rules that we've posted to the site as a free PDF. The game's second printing includes the solo rules, and we're packing those rules free in Warehouse 23 orders while supplies last.

You're not already pre-registered for FnordCon? Now's your chance! Both Steve Jackson and John Kovalic will be at the show, so make sure to bring your goodies and get those signatures!

-- Phil Reed

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