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April 6, 2004: I Sense A Great Disturbance In The Pyramid . . .

Regular Pyramid readers have already discovered the "prank" we pulled this week for our annual April Fool's issue. Six of our regular contributors swapped features, resulting in . . . weirdness. But fun weirdness.

John Kovalic's Suppressed Transmission?
Ken Hite's Dork Tower?
And more . . .

Suffice it to say, if you're not a regular reader yet, you should be. So what are you waiting for? Subscribe today!

--Steven "Shameless Huckster" Marsh
Editor of Pyramid Magazine

But What About The Cover Contest?

Executive summary: #2 won decisively, and we have indeed decided to base the new GURPS Fourth Edition cover on this design. At the moment we know nothing about the winner except his name and e-mail . . . we're holding off the more formal report for a day while we wait to hear back from him . . .

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