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April 7, 2024: Quick Tabletop Games For Weeknights

Let's face it – between work, homework, cooking, laundry, and other household chores, it's often difficult to make time for fun during weekday evenings. When we're looking to play games on a school night or work night, we need something fast and easy to play. That's why we have curated this list of quick board games –  just for you!
Skull & Dragon Dice Game is great for any players who enjoy pushing their luck with dice rolling. It includes just two dice and each roll gets progressively more difficult. It's also a great backpack or purse game to carry with you wherever you go, just in case a gaming opportunity arises!
Playing in just 20 minutes, Wood or Wood Not is perfect for a short evening get-together with friends at a brewery or on a patio in the summer. This hilarious party game includes 197 cards to set various scenes and it promises to teach you more about your friends than you ever thought you'd learn! Please note that this game is suited for players 18+, so it's not intended for a family game session.
Hack & Slash is a fast game for 2-6 players where you'll gather a guild and set out on adventures that include rescues, winning fame, finding treasure, and of course, battles! For nights home alone, we also have a set of solitaire rules! Enhance your game with the Hack & Slash Playmat, which also acts as a player aid for new players.
Are you a feline fan? We are! That's why we've created We Love Cats, an adorable family game for 3-6 players. You'll roll to collect kitties with the goal of adopting one of each color. Be careful, though, or a cat might just wander away!
Dice fans will enjoy the sparkly, slimy game Gelatinous. Each player's "slime" begins to grow and you'll race to be the first to make yours into a cube. It includes a beautiful dice bag and 35 green glitter dice, and it plays 3-5. The downloadable solitaire rules are great for solo nights. 
We hope you'll check out some of these fast and easy games to play with friends and family after work or school. There's always time for fun!

-- Michelle Richardson

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