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April 10, 2003: Shrinkwrapper!

A couple of months ago our shrinkwrapper died for the last time. I shall not burden you with the story . . . with any of the stories . . . of the living hell that we went through to get the replacement delivered or properly installed, or the Sisyphean efforts of the guys down in Traffic to feed the insatiable maw of worldwide Munchkin fandom with only the small shrinkwrap system kindly loaned by Phil Reed.

But it wasn't pretty.

However, it is, finally, working, and THAT is very pretty indeed. It's highly automated. You put boxes in one side, and they move quickly through, and the bar comes down by itself and the boxes come out the other side. Much faster and more efficient. Here's John Northrup feeding it stacks of Munchkin.
-- Steve Jackson

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