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April 12, 2024: Camaraderie And Unity: A Cautionary Tale

Solar Eclipse in Indiana

As the recent solar eclipse fades into memory, I had mentally composed a sweet Daily Illuminator post about Steve Jackson Games. Long-time fans of SJ Games may know that a lot of folks do stuff for the company across the U.S. and even points abroad. As a result, it's a challenge for us to get together or feel connected beyond the constant digital contact. The Internet is great, but it's not the same as – say – all going out for a meal together, or gathering for a party.

However, the once-in-a-lifetime astronomical event presented a perfect opportunity for those of us in the Indianapolis area to "connect" (virtually) with our friends in Austin, because the path of the eclipse was going to present multi-minute totality to us in both cities!

The Austin "home base" was scheduled to have some kind of gathering, which happened to coincide with our own Midwestern festivities. Speaking for Team Indiana, our view was spectacular . . . an absolutely breathtaking event.

Unfortunately, as I understand it, the clouds in Texas weren't quite as cooperative as our own skies. I'm reluctant to press my Austinite associates for more details, because I fear it'd just look like we were bragging – because, scientifically speaking, ZOMG IT WAS SO COOOOOOLLL!!! (Wait . . . does Steve read these posts?)

Thus, this once-in-a-lifetime event did not quite unify our cross-country "offices" as much as I'd hoped, seemingly ending up as a celestial c'est la vie. Oh, well . . . maybe I can organize a game of Munchkin on our iPads.

Photo courtesy of my kiddo. If you are a disappointed co-worker, please enjoy this picture of a radioactive Cheerio in a bowl of tea.

-- Steven Marsh


P.S. from SJ – We did, in fact, have clouds, but they lightened at just the right moment to let the eclipse-watching party here view totality. After which games were played!


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