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April 13, 2022: The Munchkin Mat Of Mayhem Returns!


If you've missed out on the Mat of Mayhem, our wild 24-inch square playmat that completely disrupts and changes your Munchkin games, then now is your chance to get this tough-to-find expansion to the classic Munchkin game. Described as "a level tracker with a twist," this playmat replaces your usual method of tracking everyone's levels with choices that impact your progress from level one to level ten . . . as well as bonuses as you change levels!

The Mat of Mayhem is currently listed for pre-order at our online store, Warehouse 23, and is scheduled to ship within the next month or so. We may also have copies at our in-person convention, FnordCon, but the best way to guarantee that you get this playmat is to place your pre-order today.

-- Phil Reed

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