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April 15, 2011: The Pen Of Brain Eating

It's a pen! It's a battleship! It's Munchkin Zombies Sherpa! I'll admit: I'm not a pen enthusiast. Give me a cheap clicker, or an automatic pencil, or even a highlighter, and they'll all work just fine. But even I have to say that the Munchkin Zombies Sherpa is pretty nifty.

If you're not familiar with the Sherpa, it's a solid metal shell for your favorite marker. The nice people at Sherpa offer all kinds of customization options, so we covered the outside with the Munchkin Zombies logo and art. And it comes with a nice green Sharpie marker.

Yes, this was one of our April 1 announcements. But this one was true. The others were all lies. Maybe.

These will go for $40 each. When we did the original Munchkin Sherpa, we charged $50 and only sold 100. We ran 250 of these, so we got a better price. But a lot of those are going to go to friends, business partners (most of whom are also friends), and staff (also friends, so there). Don't you wish you had a lot of friends who like zombie stuff? Maybe that question should be "How many of your friends do you love enough to buy silly $40 pens for them?"

But we digress. 250 created, minus a little more than 100 that we're giving away, leaves about 150 to go on sale. Yes, it comes with a rule. You have to follow the Munchkin Zombies Sherpa product link to read it. Fortunately, it's not in SJ's handwriting.

(PS - Writing this was a tag-team effort between SJ and Paul. SJ admits that Paul's first sentence is a very good lead-in, but wants to make it clear that he is one of those people who does like cool pens, and only wishes that his handwriting didn't look like a zombie's.)

-- Paul Chapman (with help from Steve Jackson)

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