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April 21, 2004: Miniatures Update

We've had a lot of questions about the status of our miniature figures. At last we have some answers, and they're good ones. The executive summary: we will be working with someone we know and trust, who is very familiar with the line, to keep the figures available.

The very talented Richard Kerr, who was our chief sculptor, has reactivated his own company, Gray Cat Castings. He will be producing the Steve Jackson Games Ogre miniatures line for sale through Warehouse 23.

We don't have firm dates yet, but Richard is working now to get his casting facility up and running and cranking out very small war machines. We will restock on the already-released figures, and then bring out the new ones that were announced before the closedown. Says Richard: "The Ninja, Doppelsoldner, and Vulcan have been completed and mastered. I am hoping all three will be available by the end of the year.

"The resin buildings are at this point still under evaluation. They are not economical to produce, but I will probably at least do small runs for the sake of the loyal fans.

"There have been several inquiries about the Missile Crawlers. The masters for the original PE version which we bought from Ral Partha are unusable. I would prefer to go back to square one on the design for both and do them in CAD as we did for the newer Ogres and other vehicles. This will require time and money not currently available.

"Gray Cat will also produce several of its own lines, starting with Off the Wall Armies, to be sold through Warehouse 23. In late 2004, Gray Cat Castings will become available to do small run custom and limited edition casting projects on a contract basis.

"Gray Cat Studios will begin taking orders for freelance sculpting work starting in July of 2004."

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