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April 27, 2005: GURPS Casey & Andy Brand New For GURPS Fourth Edition!

Just Released GURPS Casey & Andy, new for GURPS Fourth Edition and now for sale on e23!

GURPS Casey & Andy is based on Andy Weir's hilarious webcomic Casey & Andy, found on the Web at www.galactanet.com/comic/index.htm. The title characters are 21st-century mad scientists dabbling in time and dimension travel, instantaneous cloning, and increasingly complex apocalyptic doomsday devices. Apart from that, they live in suburbia with their girlfriends, Mary and Satan. Yes, that Satan.

GURPS Casey & Andy is also a complete GURPS Fourth Edition sourcebook available only in PDF form, exclusively on e23 at e23.sjgames.com! Casey & Andy is written by David Morgan-Mar, who knows a thing or two about webcomics with his own Irregular Webcomic, and certainly knows about writing for e23. It also features tons of Casey & Andy art by webcomic creator Andy Weir, including an original four-page story just for this PDF!

-- Scott Haring

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