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April 29, 2021: Illuminati Confirmed! It Lives!

         Just launched on Kickstarter is the second incarnation of Illuminati Confirmed, the licensed digital version of Illuminati/INWO. (The first incarnation launched last year but was withdrawn in order to respond to some really excellent user feedback.)

         This game is the product of RadioFree.Net, Derek Pearcy's new game studio. Illuminati fans will remember Derek as a big part of the energy behind INWO when we released it last century. Derek has continued to gain experience and level up among the Secret Masters, and he's coming out of the gate strong.

         This time, they're leaning into the game's history as well as its tabletop background. Conspire across the ages with three game modes: Classic Illuminati (1980s), Illuminati: New World Order (1990s) and Illuminati Confirmed (NOW). It's still an adaptation, though their plans are now much closer to the original gameplay, making it easier to take over the world without sacrificing much complexity.

         Plus, they took advantage of the time between then and now to make progress on the game itself—expect a playable mini-version available to some backers within weeks of the Kickstarter's end!

-- Steve Jackson

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