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August 2, 2021: Dragon Con Game Design Workshop - September 2-6, 2021

The workshop is still on . . . BUT it will be canceled if we don't get a few more participants - so if you are interested, sign up now!

Along with author and Mayfair Games founder Bill Fawcett, I will be hosting a two-day workshop at this year's Dragon Con. There will be discussions each morning and game presentations in the afternoon. Our speakers will include Lynnvander Studios' Thomas Gofton, Jean McGuire (Wintertree Software), Phillip E. Pournelle (author and U.S. Navy wargame designer), Kenneth Hite (author of over 100 roleplaying games and supplements), and N.Y. Times best-selling author S.M. Stirling. Each student is encouraged to bring a prototype or draft of a game or supplement they wish to have reviewed, but you do not have to bring one! Sign up here; membership is limited to 20.

-- Steve Jackson

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