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August 7, 2013: Ogre Events At Gen Con


Here at Ogre HQ, we're excited that Ogre Designer's Edition is being printed and assembled even as you read this.

You can be one of the first on the planet to play with an air-couriered set from China! (The set we showed off earlier at Origins and DexCon was a hand-made preproduction sample; we're bringing two advance copies of the final print product to show at Gen Con. Sorry, these will not be for sale.)

GenCon Event #1: Play Ogre Designer's Edition

We'll be teaching the rules, so this is a great chance to check out Ogre!

GenCon Event #2: Ogre Designer's Edition Expansion Playtest

These are "sneak preview" playtests for an upcoming Ogre Assault Pack expansion (with new terrain and units!), or one of the Kickstarter bonus scenarios. We're looking for experienced players who can provide feedback.

Places at these events are limited, so be sure to grab a spot if you like! (You'll need to be logged into Gen Con's event finder to access the links above.)

-- Daniel

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