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August 8, 2009: New Munchkin Format

At Gen Con, we'll have a box or two of our newest Munchkin experiment: fin-seal packs! Each will be 15 non-randomized cards, with foil highlights, for classic Munchkin. Fairy Dust will hit store shelves in late September or early October; Waiting for Santa will start shipping about a month later. Both will sell for less than $4 per pack.

Oh, right -- Gen Con. At the show (and at booth #1321, to be specific), we'll have a couple dozen loose packs, without the lovely point-of-purchase box your FLGS will be displaying them in. Rather than miss out entirely, we took a snapshot of our printer mock-up, so everyone can see our first POP display since . . . wow, really? Since INWO?

We expect these to go fast -- very, very fast -- at Gen Con, so if you want one, stop by our booth early.

-- Paul Chapman

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