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August 10, 2006: Jimmie Bragdon Returns To Active Duty

It's true what they say. You may think that you have left the Conspiracy behind, but in truth, They are just shuffling you around to other branches that you're not clued in on. A decade ago, I joined the Network branch under the guise of Illuminati Online and began my foray into helpdesks, network administration, and [Not Available at Your Clearance]. Since then, I've been through the back rooms and data centers of businesses, telecom companies, and even a major computer manufacturer (that you couldn't compare with an orange).

Now, with my 10-year field assignment completed, I've returned to the home office to patch myself into the heart of the Network once again. I'm happy to be back and working with all of the fine folks here. Most of you won't be hearing from me, since the majority of my work is internal. However, you can be sure that I'll be seeing you.
-- Jimmie Bragdon, new IT Manager at Steve Jackson Games

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