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August 13, 2021: The Fantasy Trip: Ardonirane At Warehouse 23, Amazon, And DrivethruRPG


It has been over one year since the Kickstarter campaign for Ardonirane, David Pulver's "City of the Thorsz" sourcebook for use with The Fantasy Trip, successfully funded. This title, available in PDF as well as print-on-demand, details:

  • Dozens of character and location descriptions
  • Sorcerous intrigues against the Thorsz
  • Desert nomads: friends, foes, and For Hire
  • What can happen when wizards cooperate with mechanicians
  • Adventure seeds inside and outside the city

When it comes to books these days, especially B&W softcovers, we're finding that print-on-demand is a fabulous option since it makes it much easier for gamers across the world to get their hands on the work without paying outrageous shipping costs. Add to that the lack of need to keep much (if any) inventory, and it is a win-win approach to book publishing. 

To add Ardonirane to your library, please visit:

To see our growing catalog of content for use with The Fantasy Trip, you may also wish to visit the category pages at Warehouse 23, Amazon, and DrivethruRPG. Not every site lists everything currently available, so please see thefantasytrip.game if you want to know more about this classic fantasy roleplaying game.

-- Phil Reed

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