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August 22, 2008: POD, People!

Sorry. Sometimes, you just gotta go with the easy jokes.

Those of you who've visited That Other Website With 23 in the Name are probably familiar with the Dungeon Fantasy line. (If you haven't visited e23, then get ye to that place! It's substantially better than a kick in the teeth.) Well, when GenCon rolled around this year, we decided to turn some of our PDFs into PODs - softcover "print-on-demand" volumes.

"But," we thought, "why limit the fun to just GenCon?" Yeah, why? What makes GenCon so special that the rest of us shouldn't get a piece of the POD?

Nothing, says I! And says SJ Games. (Which is good, because they don't actually listen to me. We just happen to be in agreement this time.) So here's the GenCon POD releases for your tactile pleasure. They include volumes 1 through 4 of the Dungeon Fantasy books from that most universal of generic men Sean Punch. AKA "Kromm." AKA "He Who Sits On High and Gives Us Unworthy Mortals GURPS Books." And, because one product line simply isn't enough, we also have a POD version of GURPS Power-Ups 1: Imbuements. It, too, hails from the Kromminomicon. So buy a book or five and show that orc horde what a Holy Avatar of Kromm can do with a fiery sword and a bad attitude.

-- Fox

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