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August 28, 2006: The Last Worldcon Report For A While

We survived. The Chaos Machine had a good and busy day, and then we tore it all down, inflicted order on it, and put it into boxes.

As we were packing out, I got to watch the lunar rover drive down the hall, followed by the Batmobile.

Denver won the bid for the 2008 Worldcon. The other two candidates were excellent too . . . it was a no-lose situation for the fans. And I know a couple of bonny pirates in Denver, arrrr, so it's all good.

Monday: a bit of sightseeing, and some meetings. Tuesday: fly home. Wednesday: come up to speed in a hurry, because there's a lot to do. It beats boredom.

It's been a good trip. Special thanks to the Internet Lounge staff, who stayed late so Monica could traverse the hell that is the UPS website and print shipping labels for the Machine!
-- Steve Jackson

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