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December 1, 2020: Hexagram 6 Kickstarter For The Fantasy Trip Ends Today

Another big campaign for The Fantasy Trip is coming to an end today, with Hexagram 6 being well-funded! Humongous thanks to all the backers, and to everyone on the production team putting this together, not to mention all the content contributors for the zine and add-on materials. Hexagram is a continuing passion project for us, and the fact that so many people like our little zine for The Fantasy Trip is always heartwarming. 

Hexagram 6

If you haven't checked it out yet, you still have some time! Hexagram 6 features 13 articles containing a variety of content -- from monsters and treasures to spells and talents There's also a great little piece of fiction. And like our previous Hexagram campaigns, we've featured some new products as add-ons here before they release. In this case, we've got Old School Monsters, Adventures 2, and The Ultrahex Playmat. Three brand new products ready to expand your game, and you can get a sneak peek at these supplements in our #SJGamesLive unboxing

Don't miss your chance to expand your adventure! Back Hexagram 6 on Kickstarter before time runs out. Thank you! (And if you are outside the US, you can still preorder from Warehouse 23.)

-- Hunter Shelburne

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