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December 4, 2003: Dec. 5 Is Ninja Day

In our glee at the release of Ninja Burger - which is doing very well, thanks for asking! - we are pleased to pass along the following from Ninja Headquarters at www.ninjaburger.com:

I'm going to try and coordinate the efforts of the thousands of Ninja Burger fans, my friends, and maybe some of my enemies, to make Friday, December 5th the Day of the Ninja. Why that Friday? Because it's opening day for the new Tom Cruise movie, The Last Samurai, and everyone knows that ninja will be celebrating the fact that there's only one last samurai left to do away with. And it's Tom Cruise, at that.

Stupid Gaijin.

Anyway, that's The Word from Ninja Burger Central. So on Friday we'll certainly be doing what we can to make people ninja conscious, to the extent that we can do so without being arrested for Lurking with Dubious Intent.

PS: Ninja Burger shirts are at the printer and will soon be in Warehouse 23!

PPS: How about the design on our Ninja Burger pages? It definitely has a style of its own. We have Allaya Diep to thank for this. Thanks, Allaya!
-- Steve Jackson

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