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December 4, 2008: The Vorkosigan Saga

The Vorkosigan Saga Sourcebook and Roleplaying Game cover

Ever been so close to something you can taste it, but you're not quite there? That's how we've felt about The Vorkosigan Saga Sourcebook and Roleplaying Game. But the final pieces are coming together, and we're getting even more excited about the project. (Hard to believe, considering how tickled we were when we got the license, but it's true.)

The most recent achievement is the cover. It's finished, and more importantly, Lois Bujold herself has approved it. This is how the "little Admiral" looks, and we're painfully proud to have him on one of our books.

Quark Master Phil is polishing the layout, and we expect to have further announcements on this project before the end of the year.

-- Paul Chapman

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