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December 4, 2023: A Rag Man's Daring Idea: "I'd Dig Anagram Arenas"

Here's another RPG idea for GMs: anagrams. Take any interesting name the players would recognize (hero, villain, locale, etc.), and plug it into an anagram generator. Then see if the outcome is inspirational. Maybe a villain is hiding in plain sight, or a hero becomes ensnared in some lexiconic dilemma.

Perhaps, for example, the arcane Joudt relics the heroes have been accumulating actually contain the life force of long-lost and beloved monarch Lord Justice. Or maybe the twin magical Iron Cities the heroes are exploring are actually the stronghold of arch-enemy Cinisterio the Cursed.

The Internet Anagram Server is my go-to generator (I even have its shortcut plugged into my Alfred app!), but there are others online.

-- Steven Marsh

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