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December 7, 2019: Illuminated Site of the Week: Where Were You On The Night Of The Seventh, 65 Million B.C.?

Illuminated Site of the Week:

Okay, so it's not quite that refined, but Ian Webster's website DinosaurPictures.Org offers a few amenities for the scale-and-feather crowd, not least this interactive map of the world. (Though if you do have any information regarding what happened to our ancient bio-buddies, any tips will remain anonymous.) See what your backyard, so to speak, looked like at any point in history (as long as those points are about 10 million years apart) where the ice and lava flowed alternately across the face of the Earth. For example, it looks like global climate change could give a repeat performance in the southern United States . . .

The database lets you check out random dinos, find out what critters frequented which continents, and get to know all the latest information on offer from leading experts in the field. With over a thousand of them listed, it'll take another epoch to go through them all.

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