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December 10, 2015: Steve Jackson Games & Warehouse 23 Will Be Closed For The Holidays

[Image]Steve Jackson Games offices will be closed from December 17 through January 3 so that our staff may rest and relax and enjoy their families. You may order through Warehouse 23 up until 11:59PM on Friday December 18th; our normal hours will resume on Monday, January 4th. All orders received Friday will be shipped on Saturday, December 19, by our very own warehouse munchkins.

This means you have just a few days to take advantage of our Free Shipping Deal and our Munchkin Messenger Bag Bonus. And, if you're feeling lucky, you can roll the dice on one of our Holiday Grab Boxes!

If you're still jonesing for some Steve Jackson Games stuff after we've closed, don't fret -- our games (and other neat things) are available at your Friendly Local Game Store.

"More?" you say. "What if we want even more Munchkin?!" Glad you asked! Follow the yellow brick road to Munchkin Oz, now available only at Target. Or, if you're cool enough, you can head over to ThinkGeek for the 30-card, totally non-fat booster, Munchkin Hipsters. Need help keeping all those levels straight? BAM! has the ideal Munchkin accessory: the exclusive Munchkin Yule Log comes with a board, standies, and four brand-new Munchkin cards.

-- Andreas Stein

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