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December 12, 2020: The Deep Cut Is The Firstest: More Illuminati Confirmed

Not long ago I had the pleasure of appearing on Deep Cuts, a "deep-dive explainer show on weird but true pop culture stories." My fellow guest was Derek Pearcy, and the interview, of course, was about INWO and the nutcase (ahem) creative mythology that has grown up around its uncanny ability to predict the future. (NARRATOR VOICE: It does not predict the future.)

Our hosts, Dave Baker and Andrew Price, showed some of the most-talked-about cards, and we debunked – to the extent that the Secret Masters will permit – the idea that the game represented some sort of foreknowledge of 9-11, COVID, and every disaster in between. Like good hosts, they pretended to believe every word that we pretended to say.

And of course we talked a lot about Illuminati Confirmed, Derek's new project now on Kickstarter. As I type this, the campaign is just shy of 30% funded. If you haven't supported yet . . . FNORD, darnit!

Here's the direct link to that podcast. But you want to listen to more than just ours. There is good stuff here.

-- Steve Jackson


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