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December 13, 2005: Steve Jackson Games Is Moving!

The big Move Day is rapidly approaching. On Friday, December 16, the movers will come in and take all of our boxes away. On Monday, December 19, we'll be open for business in our lovely new offices.

Most of you won't notice a thing. Our mailing address, phone and fax numbers, and email addresses will be unchanged. Similarly, our contact info for distributors will be the same.

However, during the physical move of the servers, some downtime will occur. Not only will they physically be disconnected for a few minutes (the new office is less than 2 miles from our current location), but as our new IP addresses propagate through the DNS, the website (and FTP server, and email server) may become unavailable. If you receive an error, please attempt to load the page again a few hours later. Also, our phones will be down for around 30 minutes on the 16th.

In general, Friday is going to be a madhouse. If your question can wait for Monday, we'd appreciate it. Wish us luck!
-- Paul Chapman

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