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December 13, 2019: Just Add Zombies For A Very Merry Friday The 13th!


The holiday season is in full swing, the moon was eerily full last night, and now it's Friday the 13th! That can mean just one thing at Steve Jackson Games . . . the zombies are coming!

Our HAULiday Sale is going strong, with 13% off selected items. We're tossing in free kitty-cat dice. We're giving away double promos. BUT we needed a way to commemorate Friday the 13th. So for each physical order of $13 or more placed between now and Sunday midnight, you will also get a Munchkin zombie pawn. (Our color choice, while supplies last.) Everybody needs a miniature zombie mascot! And if you need still more zombies, (and really, who doesn't?), then check this out!

To sum this all up: HAULiday Sale now. Freebies. Kitties. Zombies. Last day to order and still have items shipped this year before we close: Tuesday, December 18. And don't forget the Gift Certificates!

-- Susan Bueno


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