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December 16, 2007: Brrraaaiiiiinnnnsss?

As you may have noticed, we recently announced the third edition of Lord of the Fries. But instead of being published by Cheapass Games, it's coming from us. What's going on?

  • No, James Ernest hasn't sold Cheapass Games, to Steve Jackson Games or anyone else.
  • No, he hasn't won the Tour de France and retired to his Swiss chateau.
  • No, he hasn't been eaten by zombies.
We just noticed that a couple of really cool games were out of print. It seems Mr. Ernest has found himself one of those mythical beasts -- a Day Job -- and hasn't been in the mood to update the classics. So we offered our assistance, and he agreed.

What other Cheapass products will their way into our Halls of Production? Watch this space . . .
-- Paul Chapman

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