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December 17, 2016: Need Holiday Gift Ideas? We've Got Something For Everyone!

Whether you need stocking stuffers, gift ideas for casual gamers, or serious unwrappables for serious gamers, we've got something for you this holiday season. And it's all waiting for you at your friendly local game store!

Simon's Cat Card gameSimon's Cat Card Game

Great gift idea for: Casual Gamers; Stocking Stuffer; Party-Game Lovers; Cat Lovers; Actual Cats

This is one of those games you can start playing as soon as it's unwrapped – it's quick to play and easy to learn. (Not to mention the enticing hot-pink packaging decorated with images of adorable pets straight from Simon Tofield's hit web series.) Whoever receives this will want to play immediately.

And when they do, they'll surely be happy with their gift: After all, Simon's Cat Card Game got such good reviews that our first printing sold out in months. But another printing is in stores now! It's a fun, fast game. Toss one in everybody's stocking!

Batman: The Animated Series Dice GameBatman: The Animated Series Dice Game

Great gift idea for: Casual Gamers; Stocking Stuffer; Super-Villains 

Give the gift of super-villainy this holiday season. In this dice game, you are classic villains in Gotham City, trying to grab the most cash before Batman arrives!

It's quick to learn – you roll dice, hoping to see money-bags, while avoiding Batman, balancing the risk and the reward each time you decide on one more roll. Kids love it, but so do grownups; everyone wants to play the bad guy once in a while . . .

If you like Zombie DiceChupacabra: Survive the Night, or any of our other dice games, you'll love Batman: The Animated Series Dice Game.

Ogre Sixth EditionOgre Sixth Edition

Great gift idea for: New Wargamers; Ogre Fans; Aspiring Tank Commanders

Ogre is the classic game of futuristic warfare, set in the year 2085. Approaching its 40th anniversary, this classic is a quick, fun entry point into the wargaming hobby.

Now you can pick up Ogre Sixth Edition at your friendly local game store! Gamers will love the head-to-head action of one massive Ogre versus an army of defenders.

Plus, with this new release, we have plenty of supplements and add-ons planned to support the game. Giving someone Ogre Sixth Edition is like giving them the keys to a whole new world full of nuclear bullets, three-foot-thick steel armor, and bloodthirsty artificial intelligence.

Ogre: Objective 218Ogre: Objective 218

Great gift idea for: Any Gamer; Ogre Fan; Stocking Stuffer; Card-Game Fan

Based on the world of Ogre and the game-play of modern classic The Battle for Hill 218, this card game delivers a lot of play in a portable package. It's a great stocking stuffer for anyone who will appreciate a war-themed game in their sock. 

Also check out our How To Play video on YouTube! 

Bill & Ted's Excellent BoardgameBill & Ted's Excellent Boardgame

Great gift idea for: Pop-Culture Aficionados; Casual Gamers; Members of the Band "Wyld Stallyns"

In this programming game, players are Bill & Ted, piloting their phone booth through space and time to collect personages of historical significance. The twist is that the phone booth gets a little harder to handle every time you pick up a new historical figure, so be careful!

Pick up this nostalgic title for anyone who appreciates Keanu Reeves' one true role.

I Hate ZombiesI Hate Zombies

Great gift idea for: Casual Gamers; Party-Game Lovers; Stocking Stuffer; Zombie Fans; Zombie Haters

This easy-to-learn game pits a team of humans against a team of zombies. The humans have special powers, but they're always on the defensive as the zombies attack! The teams play rock-paper-scissors until one team is eliminated – either all the zombies are dead or all the humans are zombies.

It's a great party game, small enough to be a stocking stuffer.

Hopefully, this list gives you a bit of inspiration to pick out that perfect gift for the gamer in your life. Get these games and more at your friendly local game store today! And if you're of the Munchkin persuasion, check out our Munchkin Fan Gift Guide over on Medium. 

-- Ariel Barkhurst

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