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December 17, 2022: Eye Of Horus D6 Dice Set Now In Stores!


The new Eye of Horus d6 Dice Set has shipped and is available right now at your favorite local game store! These new dice shipped to our distribution partners in August and can be found in game stores worldwide. If your local store doesn't stock the Steve Jackson Games dice sets, you may either special order or, if you wish, order at Warehouse 23. We encourage you to first try special ordering the dice at your local game store; stores are the backbone of the community and the best place to try new games. Check our store finder to locate the game stores close to you!

The Eye of Horus watches over you . . . and your dice!

When your dice are adorned with the emblem of a god, no mortal can challenge you. Bless your rolls with the Eye of Horus d6 Dice Set!

These are also available as a part of our current BackerKit dice store.

-- Phil Reed

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