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December 18, 2008: Ogres Love Munchkins

The Ogres added another entry to their annual Christmas list, this time giving us their suggestions for a dozen boxed games. I'm happy to report that Munchkin Quest made it onto the list.

If you already happen to own a copy of Munchkin Quest -- which you should, if you love dungeon crawls -- then I'll leave you with this thought: Go buy Dominion today. I encountered the game at BGG Con last month and it's fast becoming my favorite new release of the year. It's a card game, sure, but the repeat play value is off the charts. The game is a little difficult to locate, since stores didn't order enough copies when it was released, but I promise you that tracking down a copy of Dominion -- if you like the idea of taking the deck building phase of CCGs and turning it into a game of its own -- is worth the trouble.

-- Phil Reed

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