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December 20, 2007: Now Available On PDF: High-Tech

We've just released GURPS High-Tech on e23. Yes, this is early. Yes, this is a change in policy.

As announced back in February, the policy has been to release the PDF version of a GURPS book three months after the print version ships. Over the past ten months, we've been watching the impact these releases have on the sales of print books. The result, as you can likely guess, was "minimal" -- releasing the PDF has virtually no effect on the sales of the print product.

So we're adjusting our policy. One month after a print GURPS book ships, we'll release the PDF on e23. We will, of course, continue to watch the correlation between print and digital sales.

While we're doing that, I'd be remiss if I failed to mention a related product: GURPS High-Tech: Weapon Tables. The title is quite descriptive -- this product is, in fact, the 27 most useful weapons tables from GURPS High-Tech in one easy to reference PDF. We'll be bundling it with the main GURPS High-Tech PDF, but if you don't want the full thing, we are selling it separately.
-- Paul Chapman

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