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December 23, 2008: Christmas Bonus Rule For The Munchkin Silver Piece

As glad as we are that you're reading the Daily Illuminator each morning (or evening, or whenever), we do occasionally have news that's a bit more specifically Munchkin-related. Sometimes we post about it in more detail on the Munchkin forums than we do here, and sometimes we announce something there a few days before we have space for it here. I know – how could there be that much to talk about, even for our favorite game? But it's true.

For instance, the Christmas bonus rule for the Munchkin Silver Piece . . .

Christmas Bonus Munchkin Silver Piece Rule

This rule is only valid right around Christmas (December 23-26).

Give the Munchkin Silver Piece to another player. The Munchkin Silver Piece now belongs to that player; you don't get it back. You may go up a level. This may not be the winning level, and you may not gain more than one level from Silver Pieces during this game – multiple levels through use of multiple Silver Pieces are not allowed.

We're being generous, so this rule does not replace the normal December rule. However, remember that each player can activate only one Munchkin Silver Piece per game, so it's either a level or bribing a monster.

– Paul Chapman

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