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December 28, 2008: Burn In Hell, Back With Extras!

Burn In Hell components

Like the recently reprinted SPANC, Burn In Hell – our favorite game of burning souls – was a victim of "too many good games." It sold through the first print run just fine, but we couldn't find the spare moment to pull together the reprint. Until now.

And Phil's gone and changed stuff. I swear, that guy won't be happy until every game weighs 10 pounds and is virtually indestructible. For BiH, he was very moderate . . . he only added a score pad and a pencil.

That said, I'll admit the pad looks very nifty. Greg Hyland's caricatures are great, as always. And we even updated Saddam Hussein's history.

If you missed this game the first time 'round, pick it up when the reprint hits shelves in March. Your funny bone will be glad you did.

– Paul Chapman

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