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December 28, 2021: Ogre Bundle Available At Warehouse 23 And Amazon


Created thanks to the support of Kickstarter backers, the retro-reprint bundle of Ogre games and expansions from the eighties is now available at both our online store, Warehouse 23, and direct from Amazon. This hefty box includes:

  • Ogre Pocket Box
  • G.E.V. Pocket Box
  • Battlesuit Pocket Box
  • Shockwave (bagged expansion)
  • Ogre Reinforcement Pack (bagged expansion)
  • 4 Ogre Pocket Folders
  • 2 empty Pocket Boxes (1 Black, 1 Green)

Our supply of the Ogre Pocket Box is basically exhausted, making this bundle (currently) the only way to get your hands on the stand-alone game. We're still planning a second Kickstarter campaign to create new Pocket Boxes, and possibly reprint some of the older ones (including Ogre), but our crowdfunding schedule is currently packed and we do not yet have an exact launch date for that second project. As always, please watch the Daily Illuminator for news.

You can order the bundle today at Warehouse 23 or Amazon.

BONUS: Our warehouse is overloaded with games at the moment, and we need space for new Munchkin releases, so this bundle is on sale through the end of the year! Our pain is your gain, gang!

-- Phil Reed


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