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February 2, 2012: Meet Lenny!

Hello, everyone. My name's Lenny Balsera, and for the past couple of weeks I've been working as Andrew's new Munchkin Hireling. That means it's my job to carry the extra treasure, follow him around dungeons, and polish his stuff after he kills monsters.

I've been doing freelance RPG development since 2003. I've worked with Evil Hat Productions on two hit RPGs -- Spirit of the Century and The Dresden Files RPG -- and have also contributed to Pelgrane Press' GUMSHOE games. You'll see my name on a few more things from Evil Hat that I'm writing while Andrew searches for secret doors and traps.

My hiring at Steve Jackson Games followed the best tradition of gaming -- a result of total, blind luck. I moved to Austin in November and had barely settled in when a friend pointed me at a tweet announcing a job opening at SJ Games. I thought I was interviewing for a customer service job, but Angie sniped that. Fortunately, that left an opening on Andrew's team. It didn't even bother me that much when I saw how much loot he expected me to carry into my first dungeon. Sure, I routinely have to soak my back in Epsom salt, and I've already come close to losing limbs a couple of times, but it's all in the name of killing monsters and taking their stuff.

How could any gamer say "no" to that?

-- Leonard Balsera

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