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February 1, 2023:
We are starting the year off strong with Wiz-War! This new edition of Tom Jolly's classic boardgame has been waiting for a shot at crowdfunding, and we are hoping that everything proceeds smoothly enough that we can fulfill the campaign this summer and then offer the game to stores in the fall . . . read article

February 2, 2023:
The doors to the magical labyrinth are closing today, so this is your last chance to back Wiz-War on Kickstarter! Our new edition of Tom Jolly's classic boardgame features art by the legendary Phil Foglio, with classic "take that!" gameplay curated from the eight previous editions by long-time Wiz-War fan Steve Jackson . . . read article

February 3, 2023:
Late in 2022, we announced our partnership with Three Ravens Publishing for new fiction in the Car Wars universe. Steve was recently on their TDB Pirate Radio podcast talking autoduelling! . . . read article

February 4, 2023:
The "mimic" type of monster has seen an upsurge in popularity recently. Most typically disguising itself as a treasure chest, the mimic might also be a chair, a doorknob . . . or anything else that some unwary delver might touch . . . read article

February 5, 2023:
After the TikTok video asking about a possible new edition of GURPS went a little wild (see this Daily Illuminator post), the internet took action. We've seen discussions in a few different places, but I'd like to direct your attention to this thread at RPG.Net where forum user theuglyknight posts:  "Honestly it wasn't my thing in the past , but I'm pretty excited at the thought of it now . . . read article

February 6, 2023:
The Nanogames: Aquarium and Eat Thy Neighbor pocket games have been released at Warehouse 23 in print and PDF. These two games are detailed in a credit card-sized package that, when opened, expands to an 11.82" wide by 9.21" tall double-sided poster . . . read article

February 7, 2023:
Our line of Munchkin playmats are notable for not only being popular accessories, but for helping to start our usage of neoprene playmats in other lines. You can find the influence in The Fantasy Trip and Car Wars with their larger play surfaces . . . read article

February 8, 2023:
I often get the question "Once you have an idea for a game, how long does it take to finish?" And the answer is that . . . it depends. Cthulhu Dice was mostly finished over the course of a long afternoon stuck at the Missoula airport. Munchkin worked (mostly) on its first draft, and was fully playable in less than a month. Tabloids took more than 20 years. No, I didn't spend that whole time designing it . . . read article

February 9, 2023:
In my spare time, I love to create things. Over the last few years, thanks to the pandemic, I've had more time since I'm stuck in traffic far less than ever before and sleeping less than the pre-pandemic days . . . read article

February 10, 2023:
Our family-friendly game of dungeon adventures, Hack & Slash, has performed well enough that we've published the game's first expansion. Designed by Will Schoonover, the new Whack & Stash tuckbox expansion adds 11 new quest cards to the game and introduces a new card type: Treasures! . . . read article

February 11, 2023:
We regularly ship new games, expansions, and accessories to our distributor partners who then handle supplying those titles to game stores across the world. Local game stores, ranging in size from one-person operations to small chains of retail spaces, are vital to the success of our games . . . and we want to make sure that your favorite local game store is listed in our online store finder . . . read article

February 12, 2023:
Sometimes we just like to highlight something cool that a fan on the internet created, and today that would be Jamie Lettiere's Munchkin box and wooden playmat. The boxes feature lots of space and the boards have slots for each of the different types of items, just like our neoprene playmats . . . read article

February 13, 2023:
Would you like to receive information on new games, special events, and important news? Subscribe to our newsletter and you will start receiving a few emails every month where we highlight the latest games and expansions, and (at times) direct you to our crowdfunding campaigns. The newsletter is just one way to stay in touch with us . . . read article

February 14, 2023:
It's no secret: We've got a crush on you. Yes, you . . . read article

February 15, 2023:
Lots of travel coming up for me . . . February 24-26 I will be at PensaCon, in Pensacola, Florida . . . read article

February 16, 2023:
The team at Dire Wolf continue to support Munchkin Digital throughout the Early Access period with updates 1.1.0, and a few smaller bug fixes in 1.1.2 and 1.1.3. The broad strokes of the newest update include improvements to the tutorials, quality of life improvements with sounds and effects to make card actions more clear, a variety of UI improvements, and some tweaks to help aid players who make some common mistakes . . . read article

February 17, 2023:
Last year we released a set of STL files for 3D printing hobbyists . . . a growing contingent! They included skeletons (I love skeletons), two different bands of orcs, fighting octopi, and more . . . read article

February 18, 2023:
Hi! I'm Irene . . . read article

February 19, 2023:
Yesterday, Phil gave me a game design challenge - use two specific dice (what two? not saying!) to make a game. My response yesterday evening was "Nothing yet." But today I walked and thought about it, and came back home and wrote down a little dice game . . . read article

February 20, 2023:
Last year we released the first edition of Steve's One Roll Quest micro-RPG. Using a single die roll, you and up to four friends go on an adventure that encourages you to tell the tale of your brave exploits . . . read article

February 21, 2023:
Our latest issue of Hexagram, our zine supporting The Fantasy Trip roleplaying game, is now live on Kickstarter! Articles in this issue include: If It Weren't For Bad Luck . . ., By Christopher Rice Broken Spells, By Steve Jackson Questions Three – Steve Jackson, Interviewed by Phil Reed Street Children of Cidri, By Howard Kistler The Head of Baphomet, By Howard Kistler Greenwolves, By P.D . . . read article

February 22, 2023:
Munchkin Warhammer has become one of our most successful lines, both in the 40,000 and Age of Sigmar varieties. We're building on that success with Games Workshop by offering the games in their own Warhammer stores around the world! . . . read article

February 23, 2023:
Put on your sunglasses and look cool as you slo-mo walk away from an exploding building . . . GURPS Action 1: Heroes is now available in print – for the first time! Joining the ever-growing On Demand library of physical GURPS releases, the premiere release in the GURPS Action series that brings larger-than-life high-octane cinematic sizzle to the gaming table, Heroes gives the players the tools and templates to design their own cast of cool characters: hackers, investigators, medics, cleaners, and other individuals you need to round out a team . . . read article

February 24, 2023:
Our latest custom die project has shipped to distributors, and you can now find the Seven Deadly Sins Die at your favorite local game store. This 14-sided die features each of the seven deadly sins twice, giving us an odd-numbered result without forcing our minds to compehend the bizarre shape of a seven-sided die . . . read article

February 25, 2023:
Did you miss joining the Wiz-War Kickstarter campaign and want a copy of the game? Pre-orders are now open at BackerKit! . . . read article

February 26, 2023:
Andrew Walters writes: "I am asking ChatGPT questions about Munchkin rules and cards. It is wrong 100% of the time, even with questions that are on the FAQ . . . read article

February 27, 2023:
As we try to fit our upcoming Pocket Box Kickstarter campaign into the schedule (more projects than space on the calendar!), we've moved three of the planned games into manufacturing and will offer them to our distribution partners this summer. The three games selected for this release path are: Proteus . . . read article

February 28, 2023:
The newest issue of our zine dedicated to The Fantasy Trip, Hexagram #11, has funded on Kickstarter! Those folks who have missed it so far only have a few more hours to jump in! . . . read article

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