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January 4, 2010: e23: The 2009 Final Tally

It's hard to believe that 2009 is already over, but the flipping of the 10s digit on my new calendar verifies otherwise. So while I wait for a music compilation to tell me what great music I missed in the Aughts (do they still make CDs?), I thought I'd take a look at everything neat, new, and digital that came out from Steve Jackson Games via e23 in the past year.

So, in roughly alphabetical order, starting with the goodies for GURPS:

Pyramid 3/12 Tech and Toys

Once you toss in the handful of freebies we offered last year, we released 1,791 pages of new material.

We also uploaded 28 "reprint" items to e23: out-of-print releases for Car Wars (including a couple that have been unavailable for decades), In Nomine, and Ogre, plus 23 (!) GURPS Classic items, and one straggler item designed for GURPS Fourth Edition -- GURPS Dragons -- that defied PDF conversion until now.

If something cool in the above list slipped your notice, don't feel bad; that's a lot of material to keep track of! You've got plenty of time to go back and pick up anything you missed.

Heck, you may want to scroll back through the Daily Illuminators of the past week or two -- today's as good a time as any to catch up on what we talked about during the holiday break!

-- Steven Marsh


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