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January 14, 2013: The City That Never Sleeps . . . Because Of All The Autoduelling

Car Wars Midville

What's the world of tomorrow coming to? It's getting so you can't even mosey down the street with your bloodthirsty motorcycle gang without some nosy neighborhood watch exerting their inimitable influence. The well-armed citizens of this sleepy city are more than happy to escort impolite interlopers out of town . . . in body bags, if need be. Such is the way of life in Car Wars Midville, a once-quiet burg that's gotten much more interesting in the past few years!

Newly released to e23, this classic jam-packed supplement includes a 24-page guide to the town (with background, descriptions, and scenarios), four huge maps, and a full-color sheet of counters. Plus, for folks whose home printers aren't able to crank out 21-inch-wide pages, we've broken down the oversized maps into tiles that should print fine on any modern system. It has everything you need for many hours of Car Wars excitement. Midville is a great place to visit, but you wouldn't want to die here!

-- Steven Marsh

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