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January 30, 2012: In Space, No One Can Hear . . . Wait! Argh! (Glub Glub Glub)

Pyramid 3 39 Steampunk

A trip to space has a lot in common with a visit underwater: Both are challenging environments that have wide-open areas where it's a bad idea to step outside for a smoke. GURPS Traveller Classic: Planetary Survey 5 - Tobibak -- just released on e23 -- combines two great tastes into one wet world.

This guidebook for Tobibak has the titular planet's history (past and recent), a look at how it fits into the larger Traveller universe, a GURPS guide for those who live there or are just visiting, and a discussion of adventuring possibilities tied to the savage sea.

Whether you want to just visit Tobibak or plan on setting up watery roots, Planetary Survey 5: Tobibak has what you need to really let you stretch your legs. Or fins, tentacles, pseudopods . . .

--Steven Marsh

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